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    I just received an email from HR. They have everything they need- a drug test is not required (but finances are more important??). Anyway, they are only waiting for the military base (where I would be working) to review the security clearance paperwork I sent in and they should have a definite answer to me within "a few days"- I figure maybe within a week. She said they couldn't have me start before Dec. 21 and I think they told me before that they shoot for getting the person on board 30 days or close to it after the offer is confirmed.

    That schedule is starting to work, I think. If the earliest is Dec. 21 and I could get there by then, that would mean difficult child could be in Department of Juvenile Justice a month longer than we'd hoped and they had planned if they won't let him out earlier. But, if they would let him out earlier, I shouldn't have any problem asking the job people to wait until after the holidays for me to get there. Obviously, I would prefer that because then I don't have to pay to come back and get difficult child, difficult child could start school at the beginning of HI's second semester, the dogs would only need to be quarantined about 6 weeks, and I wouldn't have to pay for temporary lodging through the expensive holiday period.

    I mailed out a letter to the head honcho at the Department of Juvenile Justice facility today. If I get the job confirmed I will call her and she will already have had a little time to read the letter and think about it. I mentioned in there there difficult child was incarcerated 6 weeks before his commitment to Department of Juvenile Justice- they don't count that tward his time normally but hopefully she will take it into consideration.

    And, getting a definite answer within a week will sure help me determine how to approach the foreclosure.
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    Prayers going up. This sounds good. I'm so excited for you and difficult child.
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    Sounds so exciting! I'm adding in my prayers too!
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    Mine too KLMNO! I'm very excited for you and difficult child :)
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    thank you all! As most know, this really isn't my first choice- I'd much prefer to move to another place in this region. But, this job is certainly better than having nothing with no improvement in site. It is difficult child's first choice- I think he just wants to see the girls with the hulas on the beach. LOL!