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    Hi my name is jan and i have 5 great kids 4 of whom have various special needs they are..

    Adam aged 10 who has adhd and learnig disabilities,
    chloe aged 8
    Lewis aged 5 1/2 who has abnormalities of the brain, growth hormone defiency, global devolpmental delay, paraylisis of the vocal chord, autistic traits, behavioural problems, obessive behaviour,global devolpmental delay,speech,language and social skills problems,lax joints and ligaments and learning difficulties
    Daniel aged 51/2 and has gloal devolpmental delay, mild hearing loss, learning difficulties, suspected adhd and suspected odd and confirmed selective mutism.
    Kayleigh-May aged 17mths who has global devolpmental delay, cleft on her voice box wich causes her to aspirate fluids so is ng tube fluids and zero fluids by mouth, low muscle tone, just recently found out she has a twisted windpipe so investigations being done to find out why it's twisted, hydrocephulus(mild), plagiocephaly

    I have joined this forum to hopefully get support and meet other parents who may have experience of odd as im at my wits end with Daniel.. this weekend he managed to break a grown mans wrist!! He just wont stop when told no once he has gone into hyper mood, he defys us all the time we have to keep our front door bolted to stop him running out,time out doesnt work with him,taking personal possesions of him doesnt work.. when we take the children out Daniel needs a 1 to 1 carer as he can flip at blink of a eye and run into roads thinking it is funny and to get attention..he gives eye contact and trys to jump onto railway tracks when we travel by train, he hits,kicks and spits at myself and his siblings.. when he is in trouble for something he will look at us and grab the baby and run with her laughing at the same time we now have to keep the baby away from him when he is in these moods.. on the other hand he is the most loving little boy in the world when he wants to be gives lots of cuddles and kisses but then goes over the top where he wont stop cuddling and kissing you and strokes u over and over again touching you where he shouldnt touch ie breasts he does this to strangers or family friends to.

    He is only mute in school and situations he is unsure off or when around ppl he only use to seeing in certain places and they appear in total diff place.. his behaviour other than the mutism is brilliant but toddlerish in school he has transport to school and back where it is reported he can get hyperactive and need calming down but not naughty hyperactive.

    He sleepwalks thro out the night and wakes most mornings at 3 -4am and then is up for the day until 9pm even tho he does get sent to his bed at 7pm he messes about basically till he drops. This is my little boy and this weekend because of whats happened with my brother my family including my mum have turned against him they wont listen to the fact he has limited understanding, he has a condition that he cant help or control as yet in their eyes he needs a good smacked bum--i dont smack my kids and use positive parenting skills i have learnt on webster stratten and hannen courses. I feel let down hurt and upset by my family and just want to help my baby boy :( x
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    Welcome, Jan, to our little corner of the world (sorry you had to find us but glad you did). You have truly found a soft place to land and will receive much support here. I have to get up to get to work in a bit so I don't have time for a longer response but others will be along. Hugs to you.
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    welcome to the site! You definately have a full plate with four difficult children at home....

    I'm sorry that I don't have any suggestions for you as I don't deal with most of the issues that you deal with daily. I will tell you that you have found a place where we understand the stress, the frustration, and the endless love. You are not alone.

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    Welcome! Why would the family turn on the child? Because of the broken wrist? He broke your brother's wrist?

    Isn't the family aware of the situation?
    Is Daniel under doctor's care?
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    Hi janmum ~ welcome to our little corner of cyberspace. You will find a soft shoulder to lean on & a great deal of combined wisdom here.

    Please, next time your difficult child D gets so physically agressive call & ask for transport of a mentally ill child to ER for evaluation. It's not good that he's able at this young age to be so out of control as to break an arm. It's not good for the family to see this, especially your other children.

    At least at a hospital you can get the ball rolling for a multi disciplanary evaluation beyond what you already know. Has D had an neuropsyh evaluation?

    Is he on any medications? Has he been adopted?

    All questions that could help some of us give you ideas of your next step. I'm worried for your baby right now.

    Sorry for more questions than ideas.....you have your hands very full. Sending supportive (((hugs))) out to you & yours.