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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Feb 3, 2008.

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    You all know I have been pondering the choice high schools for difficult child. The large 3000 student school near my house is just way to scary for a 13 year old.

    The school we chose met with us. Reviewed his grades...which do NOT reflect his ability. However they reviewed back to 4th grade (5th grade started down hill fast). His state tests forever have always been in the advanced area. He skipped a grade and is still scoring 99% of his grade level. He just refuses homework and take a zero each day. Does great on the tests but that doesn't cut it.

    His current principal, spec. ed program director, counselor from elementary all gave their recommendation. We met with the principal last Sunday, and difficult child was accepted!!!!! An early acceptance due to stress issues on difficult child and mom.

    If he makes it through this school he will graduate with 22.5 transferable college credits. Hard curriculum. Only 380 kids 9 - 12. heck there is that many in his 8th grade class.

    Big adjustment though. He will walk to the home high school which is a block away, take a bus to the other school. at 6:30am! School starts this year at 8:37. He will stay at the other school until lunch and bus back to the home school (large school) for elective. So really he is getting the best of both worlds. He will end his day at the district home high school where most his friends will be. But have the advantage of a small school during the day.

    When we left the principal meeting last week difficult child said, "So, I am in no matter what right??" So silly me was thinking he needed to be reassured to ease his anxiety. But I am rethinking that now. If he knows he is in then his grades no longer matter. Just can't win.

    We had difficult child's birthday, xmas, easy child's birthday...school issues, easy child issues, dog issues, tornado that hit my town two area's on 1/7. 50 mph winds with snow last week and 10 inches of snow Thursday night.

    I have been sick with the flu for two weeks and I just wondering how long the flu lasts. Been to doctor twice. Sick of being sick.

    Hoping to get my old profile, kjs transferred to this one. Could not log on. was told I had to register again. Still having difficulties with the site. HOW do you get to the original post? I can see the replies but not the original post. Am I missing something?
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    Congrats on the school placement. It really sounds like a perfect blend for him. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it meets all expectations.

    I haven't taken time to "study" the new format but in a nutshell it seems to me that the postings are reversed so you have the advantage of reaching the newest post
    fast but you have to work backward to post #1 to find out what subjected was lst posted. I'm not used to it either. DDD
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    Congratulations- to you and difficult child! I'm glad you covered all the bases and met with them and it all worked out! I was hoping to take this route with my difficult child next year but after all the struggling I'm going through with this middle school, it might be impossible for him now. Anyway- this is a great thing for difficult child and if it works like it does here, if something took a turn and he really didn't like it, he would just go into mainstream and nothing would be lost, right?

    As far as the board access, can you PM Cheryl? Or, post on the board question thread in the Watercooler- it might have something to do with the password sent out when the changes were made.
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    Kris I'm so happy to hear this news. What a smart boy you have there! It's also really good to see you back. We missed you. ML
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    I tried to send you a PM but it looks like you haven't activated that yet.

    If you would prefer to see the threads the old way, oldest to newest, you can make that change.

    Here's what to do:

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    Change is hard on us old folks, isn't it?:rofl: by the way, while you are on the "Edit Options" page, look under "Messaging and Notification" and click on "enable PMs."

    kjs ~ It sounds like you have found the perfect solution for your difficult child. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he likes it and does well. It certainly sounds like he will get lots of personal attention.

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    Kjs, that is really good news for difficult child. I hope it works out. I agree with you, the larger school just might be too confronting for him.

    Good luck with it all!

    When does it start?