High School Dropouts Costly for American Economy

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by tiredmommy, May 28, 2010.

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  1. tiredmommy

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  2. Sheila

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    Tis true.

    Regarding Special Education kids and those that should have qualified for sp ed services, but didn't, many don't drop out -- they are pushed out.

    It's a pay now or pay later situation. Society looses out on the gifts our kids could have used in the workplace or in jail. Either way, society looses.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    This really goes along with the findings of the research paper Martie did here about four or five years ago. One of the biggest contributing factors on a difficult child's success in the adult world was positive early intervention at school.
  4. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    Yes, it does.

    And the adverse consequences and emotional trauma inflicted on the students and their families is not even factored in to the "economy" aspect to my knowledge.
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