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    Well i want to know if any one knows ,if the school can kick out my son from school
    because he is 17 yea'rs old an dosen't want to go to school due to that he can't get up early in the morning?and is being missing a lot of school days ...
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    Hi and welcome.

    I'm assuming your son does not have an IEP (documenting need for special education and supportive services). I believe it depends on state law. Here in IL, a child can drop out at age 16. Repeated truancy at 17 would be considered as dropping out and the district would be able to take the student off their books.

    Is there a medical reason your son cannot get up in the mornings? If so, I'd request a mtg with- the school administration ASAP to discuss options.
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    I don't know about IL but I would think the answer is yes...sadly. Sorry you are facing this. Hugs DDD
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    I am not sure what ages the law says, but in OK the school CAN expel a child for repeated truancy. actually if there are over either 7 or 10 days absent (excused) or 5 unexcused they take the PARENT and child to truancy court.

    Being 17, I am SURE that school will consider the difficult child to have dropped out with-o telling them if there are a lot of absences. There is a certain date that federal funding is based on - $X per year per child enrolled on that date. Our schools are being scrutinized for this because right after that date there are a bunch of kids who get dropped from the rolls for "truancy".

    Have you looked into online high school or an alternative school? Not all alternative schools are bad - not every kid is a good "fit" for regular high school and alternative schools can help meet their needs. Or they can be a training ground for gangs and juvie. It largely depends on the principal and the school system.

    Studies have shown that teenage brains actually perform worse in many regards in the early part of the day, esp early morning. Many, if not most, teens would be well served by a high school that started at 11am or even later and went later into the day.

    Would he do an online course? Many states now provide them for free for high school and for earlier grades sometimes.

    If he won't do high school, would he work toward the GED? He can go to college with that.
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    Have you looked into on-line schooling? In my state, we have ECOT (Electronic Classroom of the Future) which allows students to earn their credits from home. It's just a matter of signing them up and withdrawing them from their current school.