HIPAA violation - ya' think?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Aug 16, 2012.

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    I am so ready to spit nails right now, I could just implode.

    Get a bill for a missed dr. visit. From 02/28/2011 - yep 2011.

    Now - I do not see doctors. Ever. I don't make appointments, I don't do yearly physicals, I just don't. Two disabled kids and 23+ years of dealing with some real rocket scientists (NOT) has cured me (pardon the pun) of ever wanting to deal with- them personally. If I'm in pain (i.e. my herniated disk 5 years ago), fine. I'll see someone. Otherwise? Not happening.

    Called this office to find out what the heck - and they had my name, SSN, address, insurance info, birth date. Are you kidding me?

    Long story short - husband's company is on this wellness kick. They want you to get cholesterol, BiPolar (BP), and blood sugar checked. The insurance company made the appointment, and provided all that information to this doctor that I don't know from Adam, because he's a participating provider, and then never told me. Again, are you KIDDING me? :nono:

    I cannot believe this hooey. I'm utterly furious - told husband that he can tell his employer that Hades will freeze before I *ever* participate in this wellness junk, and if they don't like it, they can call me. I advised that caller should be wearing asbestos ear protectors.

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    Good Grief! I understand your anger. Hugs DDD
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    That is a HUGE HIPAA violation. Not to mention a Privacy Act of 1974 violation as well. The insurance company better not only pay the bill but the fee to have you scrubbed from that dr's files.

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    Totally unbelievable. What were they thinking.
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    I'd be furious. Blatant violation.