Histrionic personality disorder

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    Anyone have any experience with their child receiving this diagnosis? When my son was in the hospital, the psychiatric testing revealed traits of this. I have read up on it, and it sounds alot like him. I just wonder how often this shows up in kids.
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    I don't know much about this disorder, but what I've read suggests it generally begins in young adulthood. Not to disparage the pscyh testing, but we've been told repeatedly by our psychiatrists that if personality testing is not administered by a very skilled clinician, it can be misinterpreted. I personally would want to rule out all other mental health/neurological disorders before settling on a diagnosis of this sort.

    What does your son's psychiatrist think of the diagnosis?
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    I will meet with the psychiatrist next week to discuss the tests. The tests also confirmed the bipolar, the ODD and the Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). So I am kind of inclined to believe it.....
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    What kind of tests confirm bipolar? Our psychiatrists say no such animal exists.
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    I do know that my son's psychiatrist is the head of the inpatient unit he was on so she directly chose who would test my son. I am going to discuss it with her some more next week.
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    Originally Posted By: smallworld
    What kind of tests confirm bipolar? Our psychiatrists say no such animal exists.

    I should have been more specific. It said bipolar by ruling out all other options.......
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    Everything I've read states that most diagnosticians don't diagnosis personality disorders until the patient is 18.


    Personality disorders can be diagnosed in adolescence by the diagnostic criteria differs from what you see in the DSM. The reason for this, as it was explained to me by a psychiatrist, is that children will exhibit traits of some or many of these disorders as part of normal development.
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    When my girl was a young teen, she was diagnosed with traits of many personality disorders, histrionic personality disorder was one. She was extremely defiant and engaged in self destructive and risk taking behaviors. None of the diagnoses stuck. She is now a mature, responsible young woman.