Hm. A glimmer of hope? (and I am incredibly stupid)


I take the blame for this one. I didn't even think about it.

Wee difficult child has a glass shadow box with dividers for his treasures. He has some fossils, a small arrowhead, some dead bugs, his dehydrated lizard, etc in there.

He wanted to take it to school this morning to share, and I suggested he pick one item to take instead of the whole thing.

He picked the arrowhead.

(insert pause for you all to pummel me with rotten fruit)

Anyway, its ancient. You'd have to work hard to poke a hole in paper with it, so I didn't really even think twice about it. Its an arrowhead. Its cool.

Got to school, he showed the teacher, she said perhaps he could show it later, we put it in the backpack, went on about the day.

He got it out of the backpack and put it in his pocket to show his SpEd teacher.

The principal just called to ask if I was aware he had it.

The glimmer of hope? Principal wasn't upset. It wasn't a "weapon". It was ok to bring, just next time let everyone on staff know he has it, etc.

It wasn't blown out of proportion.

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Shooting from the Hip
Glimmering... I can see it!

The principal is giving him a chance. I love this! This is so good to hear esp after last year!




Gosh pummel me with rotten fruit as wel as it took me a minute to "get it". Glad to hear the principal took it ok :)


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Living where I live which is on old Tohono O'odham land and their original territory. I would not have though about it either.

Good for new nor Pretty boy!


You know, after yesterday, I didn't feel quite so stupid because NO ONE except the SpEd teacher "caught it". And she didn't make a big deal of it, either.

And you are right, bon voyage, pretty boy. Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out...