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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Oct 1, 2010.

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    SpEd Teacher was gone yesterday and today. Normally, I wouldn't have sent Wee to school. But, Wee really wanted to go, so I talked to SpEd Teacher and we got a plan. She assured she would talk to Mr Para/Teacher and he would know the plan and principal would be skirted.

    I worked from home, at Wee's request, so I was very close to intervene if need be. He struggled with the decision, he was afraid he wouldn't be able to hold it together, afraid they wouldn't let him call me if he needed to, but still wanted to badly to go. We agreed I would check in every hour, and planned to pick him up at 11. He had a phone and had free reign to use it to call me. When I got there at 11, to pick him up, and he wanted to stay, and had had a good morning with Mr Para/Teacher, so he stayed.

    Turned out SpEd Teacher was gone again today. Wee, again, had the option. The fear and reservation from the previous day was gone. He wanted to go, period. We had the same plan as the previous day, and it went off without a hitch. He did everything he was supposed to have done for the 2 days, even if SpEd Teacher had been there.

    Wee went to school for two days with a substitute teacher without incident. I don't knowi if Mr Para/Teacher is good, or if just having 1 consistent person is the answer, or if this is just a fluke. But something went right, thank God.
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    Thank God is right. It's amazing the difference the right person can make. For the fear and reservation to be gone after one day is awesome.
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    Believe me when I say a teacher can make or break our kids-give the credit to mr. para/teacher!
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    glad things turned out so well!!
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    Sounds great! I bet it is the ONE CONSISTENT PERSON. Um....isn't that they idea YOU gave them years ago.
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    wow that's great. you and him were due for a few good days. :)
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    I'm afraid things haven't "turned out" yet at all...well or otherwise.

    I have no idea how long they intend to keep Mr Para/Teacher around. But I think they'd be fools to drop him at this point.

    I've still contacted an attorney.