Hmmm, maybe the Prazosin is working?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totoro, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    So, like a lot of you, or some of you, I question if some of the medications work at times??? Especially when added on with another medication at or around the same time...

    We had started Prazosin during K's psychiatric hospital stay when she was trialing a bunch of other medications etc. I was kind of leary about it, it is a PTSD medication, helps with that and possibly Night Terrors. But most of the research is done with night mares and night terrors of PTSD sufferers... which is not K. So we were not sure, and nothing I could find had it linked to much BiPolar (BP) use for Night Terrors. So her NT's had decreased, she was not screaming all night... but she was still thrashing and having bed dreams. Still gorry and pretty vivid... I was thinking "Well this stupid medication isn't working"

    We have decreased it from 4mg to 1 mg over the past 4 weeks... this week we went to 1mg... well who knew??? she is having horrible dreams, was up all night the past 2 nights... has woken up every morning with crazy dreams, bed is trashed...

    Maybe it was actually doing it's job??? I am going to titrate it back up and see if it makes a difference... interesting.

    Also now with K just on Lamictal 175mg and Abilify 5mg lovely anxiety is sky high again... depression is low again... nice!!! Poor thing.
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    That's really interesting about the Prazosin and night terrors. Maybe it was helping with daytime anxiety as well?

    Lamictal won't really help with anxiety but will help depression. Abilify can help with anxiety, but maybe the recent decrease sent her anxiety sky high?

    Hope things improve for you and K.
  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I thought about the anxiety and the Prazosin... but I think maybe taking her off of the Tenex, before that the Strattera, before that Strattera again, Clonidine... all these things that were "supossed" to help with anxiety, but were increasing her rages etc.
    I think her being on "nothing" that has really helped with anxiety in the past, is what is going on... possibly?
    Abilify had never really touched her anxiety for the most part just the voices and the high level psychotic rages...

    psychiatrist was questioning her hallucinations... that maybe she embelishes? I got kind of P'OD, I do think she hears voices, but I htink she gives them personalities to identify with them???
    Tha angry fairies and the nice fairies... the battles they fight in her head and around her? I don't know it could be chaos in her head and voices combined?
    She says the angry voices are male...
    She isn't looking for anything when she talks about it, she rarely talks about it, and doesn't like to talk about it when it is happening?
    I wonder sometimes after the fact if she doesn't embelish...
    WHo knows...
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    I am confused. She was having nightmares, decreased the medication, still having nightmares - what is working? I am sorry, maybe I just am misreading.