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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by guest3, Jul 11, 2007.

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    Youth Pastor calls me this morning and says there is a cancellation for next week's retreat. Spot is open and free, and he wants difficult child I to go. Retreat is a week in Daytona Beach, Fla at a Big Hotel.

    I ask difficult child I and he says <u>no way</u> he does not like goodie two shoes Youth Group kids that are going. Youth Pastor calls and talks difficult child I into going.

    I am sending my 16 y/o difficult child (who has been know to absent mindedly walk into on coming traffic) to Daytona Beach for a week! I want it to be this positive life changing event. But I am going to be worried from the time the plane takes off until the time it lands back in NJ!
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    I think you made the right decision! (I'm sure they'll have very few opportunities to get into trouble) My difficult child also thinks Youth Group kids are boring, goodie two shoes and are brainwashed!

    But, who knows, maybe after your difficult child I spends a week with them and really gets to know them maybe he'll feel differently. Think positively, don't worry and I bet he comes home with a good additude.

    I wish we had that option - but for more like a month or year - not just a week!

    Enjoy your week.
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    The Pastor talked him into it?

    Sounds like God's will. :wink:
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    He will have a blast Im sure. Daytona Beach is a fun place no matter who you go with. My grandmother used to live there and I even chose to take a class trip there with school when I vacationed there with my parents almost

    He will be fine.
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    This does sound like god's will. Hopefully it goes well.
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    I think it's a great idea. difficult child will learn that not all goody goody kids are goody goody, they just think and balance their lives a little better.

    It's a trip he'll remember forever. He'll probably tell you it was awful but while he was there he was enjoying himself.
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    grrrrrrrrr hisssssssssssss

    GFGI leaves 2morrow and today he hits me with "I'm not going" all because I realized he figured out the lock on the parental controls (cable box) and I re-blocked the channels with a new code. Same argument different day, ewww what a arrogant little ^&*^%^$%$ he can be. He has no respect for the rules of the house and i can not punish him by taking away the trip because he does not want to go! I truly believe I will be the happiest empty nester on the planet!!!
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    drop the cable altogether. get rabbit ears at walmart for 32 bucks. that is what I have. I get several channels and none that need blocking.