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    Texting with katie was going along fine. Past few days it's been a bit "off". Brief text about Evan being sick and vomiting, no fever. A couple on a gift she found for a nephew. Then one yesterday about all 3 kids being sick. No details, just that. I've texted her a couple of times to check on them to see how they're doing. Nothing back. I just text her this morning to remind her I'll be there at 4pm to pick her up for our xmas dinner. Nothing.

    I know the kids were up unwrapping xmas presents this morning, sick or well. (I know how those kids are lol ) She should've seen the text just fine. Now I dunno if I'm picking them up or not. If the kids are truly sick, well, honestly......maybe coming to dinner is not such a great idea for them or us. I can always run the presents out to them later today. It will be a bummer but if they're sick they're sick, not much you can do about it.

    Only thing nagging me is that the kids being sick is Katie's number 1 excuse to back out of something. (if her kids were sick half as much as she claims, she'd probably have cps knocking at her door to find out why on earth they're always so horribly sick) I was wondering what M was going to pull to make trouble. It's about that time. Katie is getting comfortable with family again and was really opening up and having fun. He can't pull the perv routine again. I know he's online (computer or not, the man has a phone with access), I just avoided seeking him out to check up on his activities. So he has to think of something else. I was wondering how her and the kids coming to xmas dinner here was going to sit with him. Figured he might give her a hard time about it. (his restaurant is closed today, so no way he'd be working)

    So that is what is playing in the back of my mind. Although I'm doing my best to accept the kids really are sick........but yeah. If so, why is she not answering the text?

    Because I will not be happy if I drive clear across town in the middle of cooking dinner to pick them up only to have her not answer the door or tell me they're not coming.

    I just sent her a text asking if she thinks the kids are too ill to attend xmas dinner and if so if she'd like me to bring the presents out to her this evening. Maybe she'll answer this one as it gives her an acceptable "out" if M is making trouble for her.

    Next, I'll call her outright because I need to know one way or the other. ugh Wouldn't be such a big deal if she had a car and was driving herself.

    And I'm not letting this develop into a mess. It's no big deal to me one way or the other. I'd like them here, sure, but the day won't be ruined if they're not. I just need to know wth I'm doing.
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    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I had to call to reach her. No she didn't answer. I didn't expect her to. Instead though she did text me back explaining she hadn't yet seen my texts.

    Kids are better, though now she's not feeling so hot. She is coming (I'll be picking them up here shortly) and going to tough it out. If she gets worse I or someone else can always take them home early.

    So........guess we'll see how this goes. lol
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    Fingers crossed that the day ends up being great...and healthy. Hugs DDD
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    Next year I swear to all that is holy it will be ONE gift per person. :faint:

    We were literally buried in gifts. I *thought* I'd had self control until I went to wrap. Umm, turned out about 6 gifts per child including the one brand new special something they wanted. Then gifts from adult children to each other and grands. Then gifts from grands to grands. I was impressed. Katie remembered I think it is a big deal for a child to learn or make gifts for family. (teaches them what the holiday is really about) So even her 3 had gifts (baked) to hand out. so we were smothered in presents.

    It turned out really nice. If Katie was feeling bad, she sure didn't look/act like it, neither were the kids. Last minute easy child called to say Connor had tossed his cookies during nap and her two little ones would be arriving via pjs since neither were acting as if they felt well. Seems it actually was a case of over eating at their other grandma's house this morning. lol

    Was a really nice xmas. :)
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    I popped in specifically to check how things went with Katie. So glad she and the kids made it, and sounds like a wonderful day together. I bet those grands are going to be falling asleep all grins tonight. I'm happy for each and every one of you.
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    So glad it turned out well. :)
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    Glad it was a good day, Lisa!
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    I am glad it went well, and even happier that she and the kiddos made it. she is making progress, isn't she?
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    Crazymama I'm afraid to jinx things. (you know the whole board curse thing) But so far, it certainly seems Katie is trying hard. I do see progress, much progress. I see tons with the in listening to her, having good manners, you can see them (especially the boys) stopping and thinking about if their behavior is appropriate, when corrected they stop whatever it is instead of either being oblivious or going over the deep end. The way it was a year ago with the kids, this alone is a monumental change. They are even very helpful to her.

    With Katie, she seems to be putting both feet forward into being an active participant in the family and behaving as an adult is expected to behave. The change I've seen so far is just.......well, I'm not sure there are words. She went from behaving like a 14 yr old whiny victim who expected to be treated like a child to a firm parent behaving like an adult. I've not heard that whine, that literally is like fingernails down a chalkboard to me, since we started talking to her again.

    I have no clue what brought about these changes. All I care is that she is actively trying, which is a really big deal for her. I hope it's a change that sticks for her and her kids sake.
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    I've been following this to see how your Christmas went and I'm really happy for you that it went so well!
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    Sounds like it was a very nice day for all of you. ou deserved that. So glad to hear Katie is making progress. -RM
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    Yay HD! Happy for you!
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    Very good news, I'm so happy you had a good Christmas............hugs.............