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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Apr 8, 2008.

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    They let difficult child come home- just assigned a court date and that wsa it. He'll go to court in May and in June now. He got about 5 ours sleep last night after calming in the bath and eating after his "episode", came home after court today, changed clothes, started getting school work together for this afternoon's classes and PO was already calling leaving a message about why he wasn't checked back into school.

    She was criticizing me before court for having difficult child pick up garbage for community service (not court ordered- just suggestion from arresting officer). She said it gave difficult child too much freedom and fresh air. I said there were times he HAD to get some energy out and that while on suspension, PE class requires "active time" to compensate for the time missed. She repetively asked me about that- I guess she didn't believe me. I told her "it's not like I toook him skating or something fun". Oh well. The attny heard it and thought it was a little obvious too.

    So, zyprexa will be started tonight. Lithobid had just been raised to 1200 mg/day 3 weeks ago but wasn't doing the trick so psychiatrist said lower back to 900 mg/day. I'll do that much, and keep the depakotee er as is, but it will stay that way until I get better answers from psychiatrist about removing too much of front line mood stabilizers- Thanks for all the input yesterday- it is very helpful to know these things so I can address them with psychiatrist and know a little better about what side effects to look for.
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    You sound exhausted. Try to take some time and get some rest.
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    It's sad that some people are so critical that they could but a negative spin on picking up garbage. Too much fresh air??? What does she reccommend, a dungeon perhaps. What a crock.

    Hope you have a peaceful week and the medication changes go well.
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    Good heavens - too much fresh air??? You had him picking up garbage for goodness sake!! Sheesh... I'm really sorry you had to deal with that on top of the stress of the day. Will keep fingers crossed that this all works out for you guys. Definitely remember to give yourself some TLC!

    Hope the medication tweaking helps.
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    Too much fresh air.

    Oh, yeah. Smell that springtime, freshly thawed garbage.
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    I would think they would see the benefit in the physical activity and getting some fresh air while doing community service! I agree with Sue-give yourself plenty of TLC! Hugs.
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    Thanks, everyone! The GAL called later today and it seems she understood my choice- she said that she didn't have a problem with him picking up garbage and cleaning up public places and agreed that this was more constructive than sitting at home staring at the walls. And she said she didn't have any problem when I told her that the goal here was to teach difficult child to grow up and do something constructive with his life, not to grow up and sit home and stare at 4 walls.

    Then, I got the email from the higher ups at sd that were supposedly going to get a specialist in mood disorders on board. Seems like all they did was have another meeting with people at school and offer me another IEP meeting. SSSOOO, again, I'm wondering, why have another IEP meeting if they won't implement the one you have???