Holiday Break!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Dec 21, 2007.

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    Yes! A break from the daily grind. difficult child's 3rd grade holiday party was yesterday and a good time was had by all. I have to say that adding the Celexa has really helped his anxiety. I saw him interacting and having fun with his friends (all girls).

    Something interesting happened yesterday. There was a kid in his grade that had a meltdown in the cafeteria. I heard him crying in he principal's office when I went in for the party. I guess something didn't go according to plan and he just lost it. Threw his tray, starting yelling and screaming and telling everyone to stop staring at him (which of course they were). We talked about it and I was surprised by the lack of compassion with difficult child. He was like "he's Special Education" as if that were a bad thing. I tried to explain to my son that he couldn't help it and that it would be good if he could be nice to the boy and say "hi" next time he saw him. He told me that he would. But all I could think about is how it could be us if he were on a different place on the spectrum. My kid will do everything within his power to appear cool in front of his friends and to him that was not cool.

    Anyway, I hope all of you have a great holiday.

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    Things like that seem to have been a daily occurrance at difficult child's school. His elementary school also housed the early childhood school with the handicapped kids starting at age three. I did like the interaction with these kids. Tought difficult child and others how lucky they are. They had handicapped kids in their classes, wheelchairs, walkers and even kids with the special boards used to speak. Taught him a great deal of respect for these kids. He has his own issues, but never had to struggle to physically pick up a pencil or say a word. I have to say, difficult child has a great respect for the handicapped.
    As far as Special Education goes, His middle school also has a great deal of handicapped in all ranges. Some take a bus to a day hospital for part of the day, some are in restrictive classes, others mainstreamed. They all interact, they all have the same lunch period. (All 6th graders, all 7th graders, all 8th graders) Each grade eats at a specific time. He has been exposed to kids having meltdowns, seizures and lately...fights.
    He has compasion for all. Realizing himself how hard it has been for him, struggling and having to always prove himself. he knows the anxiety and anger and he knows the feeling of "loss of control". difficult child has come a very long way. He WOULD show compassion in front of his friends. He would also show anger. He is who he is and that causes friend issues(in my opinion) I hope the "being cool" doesn't come. he IS cool.
    My difficult child is someone who, when calm, can really have a heart to heart talk with. Can you speak that way with your son?
    So often these kids are your son said. They face a struggle each and every day just because of that label. That isn't who they are. They shouldn't face each day with a constant battle. They eventually become overwhelmed. been there done that. Disabilities (Special Education) comes in all forms. difficult child is very smart, skipped a grade, superior skills...yet Special Education. Too bad kids don't see the person, and see the label.