Holiday Card Exchange!!!

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    It's that time again...the infamous holiday card exchange. :bravo:
    (Special thanks to Starbie for keeping this going)

    For those of you interested in uploading a card to the CD Photobucket account, just PM Abbey or PM Dammit Janet for the login and password information.

    It's really quite easy. Just create your card in any program you use, such as Word, Paint, Photoshop, etc., and save it as either a .jpg or .gif. If you are graphically challenged, you can even do a word document. If you have a card that you can't figure out how to upload, just email it to Abbey and she'll get er' done.

    Once you get the login and password, you'll see a prompt on the right side of the screen that says, "Upload photos." Click it and it will prompt you to find the file on your computer. (Just remember where you saved it!) Once you find the file, click on it and Photobucket takes it from there. Keep in mind that any CD member will be able to view all cards uploaded.

    If you want to do the snail mail card list to PM Star* with the following info:

    board name
    Mailing Name or anonymous name
    1234 Anywhere St.
    Anywhere, ST zipcode

    So...let the season begin!!:yourock::snowing::xmasdancers:
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