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    The holidays are coming up quick. I am maybe feeling it more this year because I cannot really go and shop, I need to allow shipping time for almost everything.

    I was looking at the chewy necklaces for thank you and some some AWESOME things. So I thought this reminder might be helpful.

    Don't forget to check out the various websites for items to provide sensory stimulation. Lots of this stuff is AWESOME!!!

    In a more wealthy year we might have splurged on the Laser kaleidescope. It fills a room with a laser light show to add visual stimulation.

    The same site has tons of cool stuff at most price points.

    No one said that Christmas presents couldn't be "good for you" or "educational" at least not and also be FUN!!

    Other places for ideas - the office supply store. A child who likes to draw might love different kinds of paper or pens and pencils.

    Even auto parts stores can have ideas. Most little kids LOVE to play with funnels. Teens may find them handy for crafts or cooking. Auto parts stores also have handy screwdrivers to fit in a purse, mirrors on telescoping rods that are the size of a pencil and other interesting things to fill stockings.

    What are your holiday shopping or creating ideas to make the holiday giving fit with the horrible economy?