Holiday so hard not seeing grandsons

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    Well a little update on my grandsons. We served our difficult child with court papers as well as the other grandparents (they have custody) court isnt till 28th of may the other grandparents told us since they make day to day decisions for boys that it wouldn't be an issue of visiting boys. so we asked if we could see boys over easter they agreed and we were grateful. They said our difficult child had her visit sat so sun and monday we could have boys. So we drove a hour and half to go get them and when we got there we were told no boys werent allowed when we asked why the said our difficult child was causing them problems dragging them back to court trying to get weekends unsupervised with boys. So they are mad with our difficult child so the boys and us are being punished. We have proven several times we want best for boys and protect them but its not enough I guess I just feel when will all this stop. I was so heartbroken not being able to spend time with my grandsons. Im still gonna fight for my rights but in mean time my heart breaks. My difficult child knows how cruel this step grandfather is and doesnt care. She knows how much I love the grandkids and seems to enjoy knowing how much it hurts me all because I won't give her money and refuse to be her doormat. I love my daughter still but sad to admit I am beginning to hate her for what she is doing to her sweet boys. Sorry for long post just had to get off my chest
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    I am so sorry. You would think grandparents would understand other grandparents and not keep you from seeing them. I wish adults would be adults and stop putting kids int he middle. I am crossing my fingers for you that your court hearing resolves this issue. It must be so painful not being able to see them.
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    Yes you would think the other grandparents would understand but the step grandfather is very much of a controller. neither my SO or myself have done anything wrong towards them. We have offered any help to them. Been kind and supported them in court etc but it doesnt matter to him. I know the grandmother has empathy and has told me and my SO she wants to leave him..we have offered her a place if she needs too. He keeps control of her mentally abuses her and our grandsons. He keeps them isolated so to keep control. Believe me I pray we can get Vists with our grandsons and hopefully eventually custody. Mental abuse is so hard to prove. We have tried to talk to child services and got told unless we can prove children are in physical danger they won't even investigate. To go to court so we are. But in the mean time my heart breaks for those 2 little guys.
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    My heart aches for you. I simply cannot imagine even a day away from my grandbaby. I so hope the courts grant what is right!!

    I would have been livid driving all that way and then not be able to see them. It would not have been pretty... :(
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    Thanks patriot girl trust me it too all my being to flip on these so called grandparents. but I held my tongue as my grandsons were there but I keep reminding my self court is getting closer. Tom my difficult child has count with them so im attending so I know what is going on like what she has been doing about her drug use what her plan is as far as my grandsons are concerned and any further court dates etc. Every day I miss those little guys. It is so ridiculous what is happening. my difficult child wants me to drop the court visitation no way I dont trust her and I told her that. I do love her the way she used to be before the drugs became her best friend and family. I cry for my grandsons, for her lost soul. I dont cry as much but it hurts a lot. Thank you for listening. I will up date you all after cout
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    I'm so sorry for you and those boys! Keep being kind to all of them, smile and be happy and friendly even though it hurts to do so after the way you're treated. Don't confide in, or say anything untoward to the other grandmother about her husband. She may not like him either, but she will tell him everything you say even if you are just agreeing with her. Keep records of your conversations and if you can, text all communication. You can always print that out. My daughter in law proved things in court because she kept a record and printed out texts. I hope all goes well in court and you can see the boys very soon.
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    I'm sorry, that's terrible!! I agree with everything ↑ said.