Holiday Socks and Bowtie

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    My husband works the sporting events at the university here as an usher etc... A couple of years ago he got a light up Christmas necklace and the fans and team members who know him got a big kick out of them. Then it expanded to a different necklace or something for each holiday. This year he couldn't find anything for Thanksgiving and was pretty bummed.

    Jess and thank you thought it would be great if he had a bow tie with a turkey on it for Thanksgiving. I looked and looked for turkeys or other appropriate holiday adornments for him. Finally I found some small rubber ducks dressed as pilgrims. Then I found a hair band with a bow that looked like a bow tie on elastic. So I cut the rubber duck pilgrim in half and sewed the front half on his tie. His fans went NUTS and he loved it because it is loose enough that it doesn't even feel like he has anything on.

    Wiz loves funny wild socks. He is my child completely and hates matching socks unless they are wild in some way. I hate mating socks and never would when my kids were little, largely because they took them apart and wore them mismatched anyway, and I honestly could not care less if their socks match or not - totally drove my mother crazy, lol. I keep telling her if she makes me too angry, when she is old and senile I will make sure her socks don't ever match again,lol.

    We celebrated Wiz' 22nd birthday tonight and I made some socks for him. I bought a pack of the socks he wears and cut 2 of the pilgrim ducks in half and sewed the front part onto the socks. He just lit up when he saw them! It was really cute to see. He is planning to wear them with shorts this week. My boys BOTH wear shorts when it is 30 degrees and go without coats of any kind. They say they are not cold, and I gave up fighting over it long ago.

    If I can get pics of husband in his tie, I will post them. It looks super cute an was amazingly easy. The socks took me twenty minutes and the hardest part was tying the knots in the thread so it wouldn't pull through the socks.
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    Fun family times for sure!