Holy Moly! difficult child's went to court

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    And the victim didn't show. So they offered difficult child a plea bargin... in exchange for a guilty plea he got time served. He has already admitted guilt (before seeking representation) so DA was sticking on that. I am glad that didn't happen because it is not the lesson difficult child needed.

    If difficult child hadn't spoken without representation and confessed, it is possible he would have gotten off scott free. The victim didn't even seek to file a report or have the pictures taken untill two days after the assault. At that point too much time had elapsed to prove, without a doubt, that difficult child had done it without his confession. PD was all over that when I was there to give him difficult child's medical history. I told him difficult child never learned to ask for council when arrested he always admits guilt.

    I am truly stunned at the outcome though. I saw the entire file with the victim's and difficult child's statement and the officer's report along with photos of the women's home and a nasty bruise on her chest. A jury would not have been sympathatic towards difficult child.

    difficult child still has to be sentanced for his parole violation so still not sure what his total time will be but it won't be the 17 years we were anticipating. He has 3 1/2 on his previous and none on the new assault and whatever the parole board doles out. I think he still has to serve some time in my state for a minor burglary of selling radiators that didn't belong to him to the scrap metal place after he is done serving his time in the other state. I am thinking 5-8 total by the time all is said and done.

    I am hoping he gets some anger management and substance abuse counciling while in prison but nothing has been said about that. Not exactly sure how I am feeling. On one hand I think that the 17 years was way too much but I also dislike that difficult child got such a light sentance on an assault. On thee other hand he did get the book thrown at him for the last one so I guess it is evening out.

    Hoping and praying that difficult child was scared enough this time to make BIG changes. He is being transferred to a State facility next week. Not sure where he will end up but they will be evaluating his MH issues at intake. Also not sure if his PD is still representing him or not but I think my role is done for now. -RM
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    I hope he has learned something and uses this time to make the kind of lasting changes in his life he needs. A real mixed bag of emotions RM. I hope you can find some peace now.
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    I'm glad that he won't spend the next 17 years in jail but hopefully still learned a lesson. I join Nancy in hoping he uses the time he will spend in jail to make lasting, beneficial changes in his life.

    You are a good mom to be there still advocating for him. I hope he appreciates you.

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    Well you really were awesome and I'm glad it's not as huge as it could have been. Try to get some rest.......hug
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    Thank you Buddy, Kathy and Nancy. Such is the roller coaster of life with my difficult child. I will rest and take my time to look for appropriate placements and programs for when he is free again. I have some time to really think about what will be best. :cool: