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    I just got home from my appointment with PO to find a voice mail from juvie saying difficult child is getting released today. I know PO doesn't know because he asked me the release date and I told him Aug 10. Juvie said difficult child is currently in transit and I need to prepare to pick him up. I so shocked I can't even find PO's phone number.
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    HOLY SCHMOLY K! What part of failure to communicate does the system not GET?

    Check back in and let us know. HUGS!!!!!
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    I have a call into PO now to see if he wants to try to get difficult child held until the release date. See, difficult child had been given a 60 day sentence and this is about 2 weeks early. But as I told PO, it's fine for him to come home today because I can apply for more help from dss once difficult child is back under my roof. It just would have been nice to have more than 30 mins notice, Know what I mean?? Now I need to run and difficult child proof the house - which is a lot harder than baby-proofing a house.

    Then, I double-checked the message to make sure they were leaving a message for the parent of MY difficult child and didn't confuse the phone number with someone else. They clearly said my son's name. I'm going to call the place he has been held and see if this is really the kid they are sending back to be released today.

    Update: PO just called and said juvie had called him and said the judge can't give a 60 day sentence for detention for parole violations so the judge had ordered immediate release. You would have thought the judge would have sent an email to the PO or walked down the hall and told him wouldn't you? Anyway, difficult child sure got lucky on this one- if the judge had known before, chances are difficult child would have been recommitted to Department of Juvenile Justice instead of getting detention time. I bet he's ecstatic though right now. PO said he wanted to go over to juvie and talk to difficult child a few mins before I pick him up. I said good, that gives me a little time to difficult child proof the house. LOL! He said difficult child will be on house arrest. I said thank you....in a way, and PO LOL then.

    difficult child can help with a yard sale this weekend- I'll just have to somehow try to make sure he isn't pocketing money from people buying stuff he's showing them.

    Ok, major regrouping going on in my head right now!!
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    Wow...hugs and lots of strength headed your way.
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    We're home and so far so good. We had to go get groceries and I've told him if he does was he's supposed to, to the Tee, for the next few weeks I will take him to get his learner's permit. If he takes ddriver's ed and completes it this schoiool year, does not get incarcerated again for the school year, and successfully completes 10th grade, and can get a second car by the end of next school year (?), I will sign for him to get his driver's license at the start of next summer. He has to have his restitution paid off by the end of 2011 or else the courts suspend a driver's license if he has one. So, if he does what he's supposed to, he can drive himself to a job next summer and start paying the rest because I have told him that I'm not paying the rest of it, I have paid over half plus restitution for a computer from school two years ago.
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    Talk about a shocker!! I hope things are very different with the carrot of a learner's permit in the mix!!

    Give him a hug from Auntie Susie and tell him I said Welcome Home!
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    WOW! Best of luck. DDD
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    Holy cow!
    How your life can change in 1 second flat.
    Great carrot and stick. Huge, obvious carrot and stick. :)
    Fingers crossed.
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    Monster carrot and stick!

    Good luck with this, k. Many hugs for you both!!!
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    So far so good. I normally don't have major difficult child issues to contend with during the summer and early fall so keep fingers crossed that we can go a while with things like this! I picked up more papers from DSS today that I'll complete and get turned back in today or in the morning. The housing people from VA didn't call this morning like they said they would so I went down there, my rep had been pulled in a meeting somewhere and never came back to her office the whole 2-3 hours we were there so another rep went over the same things with me. All I could do was explain it again and beg and politely complain about all this time going down the tubes when I thought they had been pursuing something. Most every one is very competent there and he stopped himself from saying something about my rep and that meeting she suddenly had to go to so it made me wonder if she's in trouble. They have a person you can go to if someone there isn't giving you adequate care or doing what they are supposed to but I really hate to make a formal complaint. Anyway, difficult child enjoyed looking around the place, seeing how laid back and friendly and respectful everyone is, and talking about the military. They had a cultural diversity event going on at lunch time with free food made by people from different places so we ate and watched children and young ladies dance. This is much better than him being released while school is in session.
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    well I hope Summer is smooth and he can transition into the school year. You both deserve some kind of relief... uh some stability for a change!
    Take a deep breath and remember to keep breathing!
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    Keeping you both in my thoughts. (((Hugs)))
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    I am praying that this time is different. Hugs xoxo