Home again, home again - they always return!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. DammitJanet

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    Well we got difficult child out for about 2 and a half months but it appears he is back, at least for a short while. Sigh.

    I really cant turn him away because he has the baby almost all the time. It is really sad because he only came over on Monday to spend the day because the baby was sick with an ear infection. Then he decided to spend the night on Monday night because Tony was home that day and wanted to spend the day with the baby. Well on Tuesday when I went to take them home we found that someone had kicked in the door to his house and stole a bunch of his property. Someone had to know he had left because he left several lights on and the TV running so people would think he was home.

    He thinks he knows who did it but there is no way to prove it and our police wont go in dusting for fingerprints. So he lost a bunch of stuff including the old TV I gave him when I got a new one and his propane heater that he used to heat up the main rooms instead of running the gas furnace all the time. They really cant stay there without heat and the TV. I mean I guess he could make do without TV but it would be incredibly hard to keep the baby occupied if she couldnt watch PBS. Also the door wont shut or lock now that it has been kicked in so it isnt even safe. He is mad and so am I.

    So I guess he is here until he can find somewhere else to go. One good thing is he hadnt paid this months rent yet. He is being good though I have to keep on him to pick up after the baby. She is constantly into everything and makes an awful mess. If he doesnt pick up we will get yelled at when Tony gets home. In fact I need to get off here in a few minutes and go clean the kitchen and make sure he is tending to the living room.

    Oh well, I always know he isnt gone for good.
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    At least you had peace for a couple months. My parents had all 3 adult children move back at the same time years ago (I was preg with-oldest) every other weekend 6 grandkids under foot for visitation. No wonder as soon as they got my sister out they sold that house and moved into a little condo with no extra bedrooms LOL

  3. witzend

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    At least it's not Buck...

    Does having the baby make him eligible for any housing assistance?
  4. Scent of Cedar *

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    Good question, Witz.

  5. DammitJanet

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    No he cant get housing assistance because he has a felony record. Personally I think that is stupid unless the felonies are for something violent which he has never been. Tony is fairly happy with things because it means the Mouse is here. If it takes having her daddy with her to be here, well he will go with it. LOL. I am actually enjoying him pretty much. We get along great when he isnt being stupid.

    Oh and about having everyone move back in at once, that is my biggest fear...lol. Actually though, the reason we have kept this huge double wide (4.5 bedrooms, living room, family room and dining room) is because in case of emergency we can have everyone here even if each family had to sleep in one room. If the worst happened, we would probably partition off the dining room to make a bedroom for all the kids to sleep in. That way each set of parents would have a bedroom. At least Tony and I have the largest room which has an office off of it.

    And yes, thank heavens it isnt Buck. I will never let him back in the door. I keep finding things he messed up when he was here. Back when Cory first moved in he was sleeping in the room Buck had been in and Cory found it crawling with roaches coming out from the bed at night. One day after he realized what was happening he pulled the mattresses out from the wall and found tons of garbage- wrappers, half eaten ice cream cartons, open candy shoved between the mattresses, old fruit - just about anything you can think of was just stuffed all over the place. We even found 8 used ice cream cartons in dresser drawers. And Buck claimed I was nasty! Then the other day I needed to use my Dremel tool and realized he had bent the bit that was in it. Im going tomorrow to tell him he has to use his gas to go get me a new one even though the thing only costs 4 bucks. He should have replaced it when he broke it. Im sure you can imagine how well that is going over with Tony...lol.
  6. susiestar

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    janet, you said one thing that is just totally classic: "We get along great hen he isn't being stupid."

    Isn't that just the absolute truth!! It is how I feel about my husband much of the time, lol.

    I am glad that Cory found the trash because you KNOW that Tony would blame you for all that trash.

    Is the dremel bit really worth the argument that will come out of bringing it up? I am not sure I would be that interested in bringing up the problem if it would cause more conflict. You know that Buck is NEVER going to replace it. Tony will end up fighting iwth you over it, it will cause more conflict and triangulation, and you are going to have to still shell out the $$ to replace it. Plus fix whatever gets broken when you and Tony lose your tempers over this. Is it worth all that?

    Just something to think about, Know what I mean??

    I hope difficult child is doing better and I am sorry his place got broken into. Is he still with Mandy? Could she have set him up to be robbed if she knew he wasn't home? Just wondering because she never seems trustworthy or honest.
  7. DammitJanet

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    I dont think Mandy had anything to do with it because she didnt know he left in the middle of the night to come to my house that day. We really think this was the same people who gave him a lift to my house because no one else would have known he was gone. Thankfully they didnt take everything...like the baby's toys and their clothes.

    I know its not worth getting into a fight over the dremel bit but I am so angry over it I can hardly contain myself. Maybe I will just ask him for the money for it and pick it up when I am next in town. What really makes me so mad is that I got my dentures this week and was looking forward to working on getting used to them this past week but I cant do that because the top ones hurt me in the front of my mouth. I need to shave them down just a little so they fit better. If we had noticed this before he left I would have said something then but he stuck them up on a shelf and we never actually looked for them.

    Heck he is so nasty that the other day Monkey found a full bottle of pee in a capped Coke bottle in the yard. Now no one here drinks regular Coke but he does. I have no clue why he would pee in a bottle in the yard when we have a whole woods he could have gone in. He is just weird that day. Tony tried to say it couldnt be pee but I made him open the bottle and smell it. Tony never did believe me when I found those extra large plastic cups full of pee in the bedroom he was staying in. He made all kinds of excuses for it. He claimed it was old tea that had melted...ha! Tea doesnt smell like pee. And every time I found one of those cups I made Billy come in and see them too so it wasnt just my word. I even left them for Tony to see but he was blind.

    I have told Tony I dont want Buck to even come back into our yard but he says he can because the yard is heir property so he has a right to be there. I have told him if he keeps coming back here I will file an order of protection to keep him 1000 yards away from me. That will stop it.