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    Well, we are home and I have NO idea why I am not in bed.

    I did not receive papers ahead of time so only knew to show up at the hospital at 11:30 and difficult child would be admitted. I did plan on spending most of the time with him but figured I would also have time to get out and about and do some shopping. That plan was so quickly put out when I was told that someone would be with difficult child every minute of the 48 hour test. That someone would not include hospital staff. That someone would be me and anyone I can find to relieve me. O.K., we live 1 hour away, I can't just find someone short notice to help with this.

    husband who had been working in that town so often this summer was 5 - 6 hours away from the hospital. Diva became very sick (still is - flu - fever, aches, sore throat, the works). So, that left me trapped in the hospital room with a very sick daughter (19 yrs old) left to fend for herself. (Actually, she could call on a few friends if worse came to worse but I felt bad not being able to help.) I was "trapped" with nothing to keep myself occupied. Oh well, atleast difficult child had plenty to do and we were borrowed a lap top that I took my turn on occassionally. We found out we can get along as long as the subject of school work didn't arise. Why does that ALWAYS have to be such a battle - even in a hospital room - even with a camera monitoring? Ugh

    We were trying to catch an episode of difficult child seeing spots to better diagnose them as either the migraine variant or an unseen seizure. He did not see spots but did have two "episodes" to take a closer look at.

    The first was a feeling of confusion. Sometimes these last just a few minutes, sometimes much longer. The blood test showed normal.

    difficult child also had low blood pressure 80/58 on Tuesday morning not too long before the "episode". The neurologist stated that he needs to increase liquids and salt and keep an eye on that. It improved as the day went on.

    The second episode was yesterday afternoon/evening. He was watching t.v. (mounted near the ceiling) and eating. While eating, he took his eyes off the t.v. to put his food on the tray and had a quick, "Where am I" moment. So, we did another blood draw. I have not heard the result of that one.

    This morning, I asked that a blood pressure check be done upon waking. I don't remember the exact numbers but it was good. Then, when the nurse took it an hour later, the bottom number went down again.

    Child play staff came in to "exercise" with difficult child (can't do too much with him being hooked up to over 30 things on his head and having to stay within the monitor camera range.). After that, his blood pressure was 106/58. That bottom number is still too low.

    The EEG will be read and sent back to our neurologist. We meet with her on Sept 28th for the results.

    Maybe the low blood pressure readings is a clue in what is going on?

    I am having one of those, "Isn't it great when the docs finally start seeing that I am not out of my mind? There is something very subtle going on." moments.

    Meanwhile, Diva is still sick. She is still running a fever of 100.4 or a tad higher. She had to be home alone the last two nights. :( difficult child bought her a Get Well gift and I will be working at trying to make it up to her by being more attentive tonight and tomorrow. Can't help but get better when Mom gets involved, right? Anyone know how to get rid of pigs? (just in case it is the swine flu which I am told it most likely is) Just kidding, H1N1 (are those the right letters?) - how do you fight that?
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Oh wow, that really bites that you were stuck in there the WHOLE time! Thanks a lot to the hospital staff for letting you know ahead of time what to expect! NOT!

    I'm glad they saw some things and that your sanity has been reaffirmed ;) Hopefully this gets you on the right track for a helpful treatment.

    Hope Diva feels better soon. The flu season has started early. Our district nurse told me they've already had 3 cases of H1N1 in our area since school started (!) That vaccine can't get here fast enough, as far as I'm concerned.
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    Boy! That sounds like it was quite the adventure! I hope you get some answers and Diva is feeling better quickly.
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    Yikes! Maybe they should have had you hooked up to some monitors also! So they could see how a Warrior Mom works. LOL

    Seems Hospitals are good at leaving out important details, huh?
    I am glad he showed some signs and they hopefully will figure a bit of what is up.

    Sounds like he handled it pretty well.
    At least if Diva does have the H1N1 virus she is protected now. I would get her checked at least to find out. If you can.