Home From Honeymoon


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Hi Family:

We are home from our Honeymoon. We went to the Poconos to a Ceasar's resort, it was alot of fun :bravo: :smile:
The wedding service was beautiful and exceeded our expectations :smile: J's Baby Naming Ceremony was so uplifting that difficult child was moved to tears........literally. :smile:
I must tell you all that difficult child is only 35 days, or so, sober. She dressed and conducted herself with grace and humor and intelligence. Keep in mind that my husbands' (that's the first time I'm writing it :smile:)family has accepted difficult child in the same total and complete way that they have accepted Baby J :bravo: difficult child has never had unconditional love from alot of others before. I know it is doing her alot of good. She is far from "cured" or in "remmission", as in the case of an addict.
I am proud of her. She seems more mature.

Baby J has also survived the festivities, although he is way off his regular schedule and has had many changes over the last few months......He seems to be holding his own with only small, single moments of frustration or fussiness. Truly a Great baby, and I think he's been here before, if anyone believes in that( I Do). He seems like an old soul. :doctor: :bravo:

Thank you for the cyber shower :princess:, I will print the responses and cherish them.

Maybe now between work and the baby and my new marriage, I can finally come back here and have time to support you all. I will be here. You Guys are the best and very addictive. :kisses:


Melissa :angel:

P.S. Did I mention difficult child's Father is coming to visit us? :hammer: :smile:


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So glad that everything was wonderful. You deserve it. PLUS,
we all enjoyed participating..lol. DDD


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Glad you had a great time in the poconos. How does it feel being the new Mrs. so and so?

Sounds like difficult child is stepping up a little bit. That's wonderful news.

So....ex is coming for a visit. Isn't that just great :hammer:


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I'm glad your wedding exceeded your expectations. So many beautiful memories to cherish.

Welcome home!!!!


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Your wedding Does sound beautiful and so glad difficult child handled herself gracefully.

DId you say difficult child's father is coming to visit???...Wow, that should be interesting!

Good to see you...
Hugs and love,


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Hi Guys:

Thank you so much for all the good wishes. :bravo:
Yes, difficult child's sperm donor is coming to town....on a business trip...He will grace us with his presence :hammer: :warrior:
He also from what I am told will see his grandchild....my husband will be there and I am not sure how he will feel when difficult child refers to sperm-donor as the grandpa...... :hypnosis: She now calls my husband J's grandpa......I will have to have a talk with her.
She is living the fantasy of seeing her father....she will forgive him anything...I think. :hammer:
I don't know what to do, so I will do nothing.
difficult child has been expressing the feelings about how hard it is for her to stay sober.....SIGH......I am sympathetic, but kind of don't want to hear it. :nonono:
There is so much going on here, I have to focus on doing well at work and taking care of my new husband and Baby J. I feel like I need a vacation from the vacation.....Just tired I guess.

Blessings to all,

Melissa :angel:


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you sure have the honey after glow!
I love your lil man just reading about him. kaleb seems old too. He is so wise.


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Ya know, my friend, your husband sounds like a winner BUT I am most
impressed by his family. It is just OUTSTANDING that they are
embracing you, the baby and difficult child. I hope you remember to say prayers of thanks each night for the whole bunch of 'em. Hugs.


(the future) MRS. GERE
Melissa, did you have one of those rooms with the champagne glass tub in it? :flower:



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Welcome Home, Mrs. Melissa!

Yes, we sure enjoyed your wedding reception. I think many of us are still recovering. lol.

Glad to hear everything went well and that you enjoyed yourself!



I'm so happy for you. These last few years have been so hard I'm glad you've found some happiness.