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    I posted at Christmas that I was able to find tickets to take difficult child to a NBA game and easy child to a NHL game. So Wednesday was Matt's NBA game (Toronto Raptors vs Philly Sixers).

    Whew/Phew!!! My kidlets best be overly thankful for this decision! We don't own a car. So it was a bus to Toronto. Was up at stupid o'clock on Tuesday (woke about 4a.m. abouts). Didn't sleep (wasn't able) and left here by bus at 2:15a.m. Wednesday. Arrived Toronto 7:30a.m.

    Thus commenced a MS'ers nightmare. Was cold and damp with alternating sleety rain/wet snow most of the morning. We walked I don't know how many kilometers worth in the morning. We did stop for breakfast at a favorite diner of mine but otherwise, we walked all morning. Stores don't open until 10a.m. so it was ALL outdoors. Yikes. We scoped out all the sports shops in a huge radius and then went back quickly to each one when stores opened in order to find the particular jersey's Matt has been coveting. We ended up finding one of the two at top of list, he was happy. And found a hat he wanted here in town for $30, on sale there for $6. Again, happy Matt!

    We then walked MORE, and went to a Imax theater to watch Avatar. We loved it when we saw it on Christmas day. Imax 3d was awesome!!! We were off our feet (YAY!) and warm (REALLY YAY!) and the effects in 3d were so worth it!!!

    we then wandered walking MORE. Stopped for dinner and took the subway to the game. Of course we arrived an hour before the doors opened, Matt was too excited to walk about so we lurked around the gates. I knew we had terrific seats, but difficult child didn't trust me i guess haha. So he was stunned to see when we walked in (at ground level) that we were guided by the usher DOWN towards to court (I think he thought we'd be in a balcony and see spots instead of players lol He should have believed me lol). We were 10 rows from the court. We could see their faces, see their sweat on their cheeks. He was transported to bliss I kid you not. By then I was in SO MUCH PAIN I was fighting tears. But his face? Made it worth it completely. I haven't seen him so excited in forever.

    Being a TOTAL difficult child (even if he's turning typical teen), he of course was the only visible Sixers (Alan Iverson) jersey in a sea of 14,000 Raptors fans. So, if you can't beat him join him. So we cheered loudly (and in isolation) for the Sixers and we even got BOO'ED! ALOT! It was actually totally fun to have that little rebellion, and we had a bunch of laughs with some good spirited Raptors fans in nearby seats.

    Matt near to had a stroke. I went out for a smoke (my bad) before the game, while the pre game show was going on. As I was getting my ticket scanned to go outside, Chris Bosh (Raptors star player) walked up to the usher (and me lol) and started joking around with the guy. I kinda stood there going to myself "Matt is gonna regret not keeping me company to come outside" ;). When I returned he nearly killed me with "the death look" that I didn't ask the guy to sign my ticket for difficult child to keep. I wish I'd thought of it.

    After the game we roamed some more and collapsed at the bus station with time to kill. Oddly, someone I went to grade school with (my first 'boyfriend' actually haha) was there too! So I haven't seen him in 20 years in our city of 56K population but see him in a city of over 4 million. Too weird. He was coming back here to visit his parents. We were amused during our wait for the bus, the guy turned into quite a funny man.

    A 5 hour return bus ride and we arrived home after 5a.m. I'd been up for 48 hours and away from home for 26 hours, 10 of which were on a bus, and 8-10 of which were spent walking.

    Here it is day 2 back home and I cant walk :(. Couldn't even walk easy child to school this morning (only 2 blocks away). OUCH!!!! I did a number on myself.

    But Matt had the most wonderful time. He hasnt' smiled so long in forever. He took loads of pictures and enjoyed going for a day to a big city. He loved it, but was happy to be back in "Smallville" haha.

    I have learned a lesson though and am glad easy child and I will getting a hotel when we go, thus breaking up the bus trip and ensuring we aren't stuck walking around constantly and hopefully ensuring i'm not sitting in major pain on the couch for days afterwards. easy child and I go in a few weeks.

    difficult child's present was the best thing he could have ever gotten. He's still talking about certain plays etc that he thought were awesome. I guess I'm mama of the year (for a few days anyhow!).

    The pain i'm in was worth it to see a beaming smile that reminds me of why this kid deserved some excitement. i'm so proud of him. He was so good part way through the day when I was failing and struggling. He even forgo the hard rock cafe where he had wanted to go to dinner, in favor of a small really comfy place we could lurk a bit longer to give me a rest. He was a champ :)
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    How absolutely wonderful! :bigsmile: