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    The insurance is paying for a home health person (nurse student) to come out and help difficult child 1 and difficult child 2 do things like brush teeth, shower with soap, clean rooms and make beds. And supervise difficult child 1. This is day 3 and difficult child 1 has been behaving great for her ( yes, female, shorter than he is) but his behavior to me hasn't been good. Funny is that his behavior to me in front of her isn't good. So his being good isn't really having the effect on her it has on other adults that don't see him at home. The first day I had a hard time keeping a straight face he was being so dramatic. He had a "broken" toe. That first day he was almost in tears a few times and she was mostly just observing. Today he turned off the cold water and turned the hot way up when Ann was washing her hands. The excuse was he wanted to rinse out his toothbrush. Yesterday he was targeting Elsie. I think he doesn't know where theboundaries are and is pushing the limits again. He also found out today he leaves for x's house Monday morning. difficult child 2 so far has gotten his work and personal stuff done very well the last few days. He is getting sick of her though. He has started to ignore her. He wants to be lost in his own little world and she keeps reminding him to stay on task. She is getting a crash course education in autism.

    I noticed that difficult child 1 has a long scratch on his upper arm. He hadn't said anything about it before which is very unusual; normally he tells me every little thing and makes a huge deal out of small things. I asked about it. He said it happened at x's house (3 weeks ago.) I think he was hiding it to protect x. difficult child 1 says it was an accident, and one of the dogs caused it.
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    Which is exactly why they want to send students out for things like this... what better way to learn?