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    I found a great one today.

    I use a lot of hair products (gel, hairspray, etc.) I used to buy those "cleansing" shampoos that are really expensive. I would get the little white "pieces" left on my hair from all of the stuff I put on it daily.

    I found out that if you take a handful of baking soda, mix it with some shampoo until it makes a paste, and put it on your wet hair, it all comes out! You have to leave it on for 5-10 minutes, but every little bit comes off. Then just rinse as usual.

    Anyone else have any good home remedies?
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    Have you ever used those bug bite dauber things - I think the name is AfterBite? They are sold to work on bug bites and bee stings. Here they cost about $3. You can get the same relief by dabbing a bit of ammonia on the bites/stings. I had almost forgotten about this when thank you came in with a bee sting last week. Jess got the stinger out (she likes to do stuff like that) and then asked husband how to help make it stop hurting (neither husband nor I even knew about the bite because Jess was outside with him and tried to make it better.) After putting some ammonia on it with a qtip it stopped hurting almost immediately!!

    It also works very very well on mosquito bites - relief in a few seconds after application! I know it sounds nuts, but the AfterBite things are just ammonia if you read the ingredients.

    Jessie has really nasty acne on her face, chest, neck, back and legs. At one time I had lidocaine cream and would use a little of it on really painful ones. Now I use BurnJel Plus, available in the first aid section of Walmart. It has lidocaine and tea tree oil. This stuff is incredible!! Not does it help the pain from the acne (hers hurt badly, just as mine did as a teen/twentysomething - anyone who tells you acne doesn't hurt is LYING!), it also speeds the healing a LOT, even faster than straight tea tree oil!

    If you have a smell in the house you want to get rid of, use vinegar on a few cotton balls. Just let them sit out for a few hours. It is MUCH better for your family than the scented sprays -esp if anyone has asthma or other lung problems. I will try to think of some more to post later - must go to the pharmacy now.