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    Elijah's new psychiatrist is talking about wheening him off of most of his medications. He is concerned about a child his age being on all of them. I am worried about him being in the school atmosphere with all the issues he has these days. Before the medications he would rage for three hours and belly talked to him alot more. I am worried about him being at school like that and I believe he would be better here at home. I believe I could homeschool him during the hours and days he is doing good.

    Would this be acceptable with an IEP? Do you think the school would approve it? If we did this just for a couple months to get him stable would he still have his IEP and same substantially seperate classroom when he came back... would all his accomodations still be there? I wonder what would happen to his IEP if we did this? I would only want to do it for a couple months until he got more stable.
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    The IEP stands until a new one is signed by IEP Committee members (which includes the parent).

    On thing you may want to think about if you decide to homeschool and that is to transition him back to school. Too abrupt of a change can destabilize a student.

    I'd touch base with-the IEP Committee chair about transitioning back.
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    Typically districts won't approve a parent being formally involved in instruction because legally they are held responsible for the student's education, so if you really want to homeschool you'd need to withdraw him for that part of the day. If it turns out he can't handle it the school can provide a homebound instructor which would maintain the IEP.
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    One other potential option.

    The IEP can Homebound him. Homebounding is for temporary use like your situation, a child recovering from surgery, etc. The school sends a teacher to the home for how many hours and days per week as decided by the IEP team.

    If you think the sd would go for it, call an IEP meeting to temporarily Homebound.
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    Most SDs require a medical doctor (such as a psychiatrist) to verify the need for homebound instruction, and the school psychologist to sign off on it. In our SD, there was a special form that needed to be filled out for homebound, and it was separate from the IEP process.