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    :beach:Back from 5 days at the beach! We didn't have a drop of rain, which was nice. I am peeling and tired, can't wait to go to bed in my own bed!
    I am a home body, so I am happy to be home. Plus next year I do not care what my Mom says, I am getting our own room! We share the house as it is, a small hotel room is just too close for comfort. But hopefully I will also have my own place soon, that's the plan.

    difficult child I got burned to a crisp the 1st day, just like his Father, he refused sunblock, and paid for it. difficult child II ran himself ragged between the beach, pool and basketball courts. He always makes friends easily. difficult child I is the opposite, he would rather eat fire, then approach kids he doesn't know and strike up a conversation! Plus he was sulking the whole time over hoochie leaving the country today (bye bye hoochie)

    I will say despite the major over stimulation of the boardwalk, that difficult child II did pretty good, he was still obsessed with every arcade, game stand and claw machine we passed, but I held firm to my boundries and ignored the "your an idiot's" and "I hate you's" as we walked along.

    The one night I walked out to the beach (by myself), there was no moon, so it was dark, I had a nice talk with God, purged some emotional baggage and watched it go out to sea, it felt good, I love the beach at night when I am alone, I could stay there for hours.
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    It sounds like the night on the beach was good for you!

    I get difficult child refusing the sunblock. I did that when we went to Hawaii when I was in 5th grade. Told my dad I was going back tan or burnt but not white! Funny thing is everyone else in my family used block on that trip and they all burnt and I tanned. Go figure but at least I use block now!

    I totally understand the glad to be home feeling! Sleep well.