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  1. JJJ

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    My mom and I took Piglet and Tigger on vacation for a week. We had an amazing time, both kids were so good.

    husband stayed home with Eeyore since he could not miss school. They had a great time.

    Now that we are back together, Eeyore is being horrible. He has finals this week + his girlfriend is aggravated with him (I see a break-up coming) + he is chafing at bit because he wants more freedom than he had earned or could handle.

    Why does he think that acting like a two-year old will "prove" that he is an adult?
  2. TeDo

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    I was wondering where you've been. Welcome back. Ready to go back on vacation again???
  3. buddy

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    OMGosh! This is the PERFECT way to put what I feel every day!!!! Exactly what I think as I endure tantrum after tantrum over wanting to do more and be out with friends and all the other kids get to....AAAAARRRRRGGGGGG
  4. JJJ

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    Ugh! He was actually able to express himself very well after school that he is so worried that he will be losing his allowance (must keep a 2.5) that he is totally stressed about the exams. We talked about how if he studied, he would feel better about knowing the material. Then I had to take Piglet and Tigger to their activities. I come home at 7pm -- he is already in bed asleep, did not study at all. So, so glad we have a therapist appointment scheduled right after grades are posted. He is going to be one unhappy boy.
  5. cubsgirl

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    I'm glad that you enjoyed your vacation! Sorry to hear that Eeyore did not study - glad you have that therapist appointment too.
  6. Liahona

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    Do you think it the end of school stress, his teenagerness, or a combination of both?
  7. TerryJ2

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    Ugh. I hear you!

    I do. Not. Understand. These. Kids.

    They just act and react. They cannot plant, they cannot reason.

    I am so sorry.
    But I'm glad you had a fab vacation!!!
  8. JJJ

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    It is everything...

    *different schedule for finals
    *teachers and peers are acting 'different' since they are focusing so hard on finals
    *stress of taking the finals
    *stress of school year ending
    *anticipatory stress about summer school (freaking out since it isn't a 100% what class he will be taking)

    He was pretty good at Piglet's graduation tonight, so I am grateful for that.

    He still is studying for about 4-5 minutes and declaring that he is done. I told him to quit telling me that he is studying because we'll just argue.
  9. SearchingForRainbows

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    Glad to hear you had a wonderful vacation but sorry it's back to reality so soon! I used to always hate the end of the school year. My difficult children were always at their "difficult child" best. difficult child 1 never studied or even pretended to study. difficult child 2 used to stress 24/7 about not getting perfect grades.

    I'm glad he was good at piglet's graduation. Hoping it's a sign of more good things to come... SFR