homemade gift ideas

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  1. amazeofgrace

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    OK I just kinda posted this on the save $ thread and then figured perhaps it would warrant a thread all it's own?

    some of my homemade/semi cheap gift ideas:

    recipe in a basket with the dry ingrediants &/or dollar store kitchen tools.

    handmade stamped note cards in a small box with a dollar store fancy pen and some stamps.

    for rubber stamp lovers: a set of note cards and the set of stamps you used to make them.

    dollar store candle, decorated with stamped tissue paper that has been heat gunned onto the candle (PM me for specific instructions)

    special picture in a dollar store frame with a note about why it is special.

    2 glass builders blocks, with a small set of white Xmas lights inside, tied up with a ribbon (like a gift package) and fake flowers glued on top, looks gorgeous when it's lite up.
  2. mom_in_training

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    "2 glass builders blocks, with a small set of white Xmas lights inside, tied up with a ribbon (like a gift package) and fake flowers glued on top, looks gorgeous when it's lite up."

    I like that idea, I'm going to get some of those to decorate for the holiday.

    I used to paint allot of ceramic and have painted many pieces and gave them as gifts. Some ceramic stores offer paint nights. Its really cool because you can go, Pay about $10.00 maybe more depending on whats being painted and paint as a group using their paint. The firing is usually included with your fee for the group night. Also the cost of firing is usually included with the cost of the piece when you purchase it from the ceramic store, When you finish painting your piece just take it back for the firing.

    I also do cross stitch here and there but have given them all away as gifts, Lol!! I completed one for a friend of mine (Not meant as a gift) and when she took it to get framed she was offered up $500.00 for it. I do admit it was really pretty and had allot of flowers in the pattern.
  3. SRL

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    Homemade jam.
  4. klmno

    klmno Active Member

    Homemade jam??? Could you put me on your Christmas list, SRL??
  5. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    mmmmmmmmmmmm I like Jam, and so does Joey from friends :O)
  6. meowbunny

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    Melt some Nutragena soap in the microwave, add a few drops of an essential oil scene you like, a little bit of food coloring, put in candy molds and then refrigerate. These are really cute gift soaps.
  7. witzend

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    How do you get the lights inside of the builder's blocks?

    I always hang onto gift baskets I receive for re-use. I pick up stuff from the bargain bins, and put them into the baskets as a group. Doggie stuff in one basket, soaps and perfumes in another, kitchen stuff in another, etc. Tie it up with a ribbon and it's ready for the next time you need a quick gift.
  8. klmno

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    Wow, MB- I must have drank that beer too fast. I thought you were giving me the recipe for jam.

    So, SRL- I guess a few of us here would love your recipe!! :)
  9. meowbunny

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    Nutragena jam? Sounds yummy!

  10. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    LOL you guys are funny

    the lights go in between the glass builders blocks (which are hallow inside) it's ok if the block are on the wire when you sandwich them together, the ribbon should hold them together if you tie it like a present.
  11. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Is there a gap where the lights are? Maybe it could be filled with a clear silicone caulk... I'm too much of a neat-nick freak to have it be wobbly or have a gap.
  12. Christy

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    I was given one of the the glass block things. It's very pretty lit up. Mine has Christmas ribbon and a bow so it looks like a package.

    My idea for an inexpensive gift -- Bath Bombs or Bath Fizzies. I haven't tried to make these yet but I thought it would be fun for difficult child and I and would make nice gifts. I have ordered them from a woman on ebay who has built a very nice business making these.

    This particular recipe is from www.teachsoap.com

    Basic Bath Bomb Recipe
    Gather your ingredients:

    1 part citric acid
    2 parts baking soda
    Witch hazel
    Coloring of your choice
    Fragrance oil of your choice
    Dome Shaped Mold

    BLEND BLEND BLEND BLEND the citric acid and baking soda this step is super important if you don't blend well, you end up with a grainy bomb. We actually use a mixer on our larger batches.

    Once you've blended really well, add your colorant. Dry pigments or a specialty bath fizzy colorant like La Bombes work best dont' add too much though the color shows up once you add the witch hazel.

    Add fragrance oils to your personal nose preference.

    Now, this is the difficult part. Spritz (with a squirt bottle) the witch hazel onto your batch while stirring with the other hand. When your batch sticks together when squished, you need to start putting it in molds time is of the essence. If you wait too long, the mixture will get hard. If you spritz too much, the mixture will be too wet and (start the fizzing reaction) on you.

    Put the bombs in molds wait a few minutes and tap them out. Let them air dry for 3 or 4 hours and voila! Wonderful, hard bath bombs. The harder you pack the bath bombs, the more dense, heavy, and durable bomb you will get.