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    I have decided to try the route of homeopathic medicine to avoid medications if I can. All MDs so far have said we need medications for my little guy (6).

    Has anyone got any advice about how you go about finding a decent HD? I am worried about all the quacks! Even better if anyone in the Toronto area knows of anyone.....

    Any great successes that anyone can tell me that will make me feel better (or at least optomistic??). We are dealing with ODD (extreme) and ADHD in a exceptionally gifted kid...
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    There are some doctors who practice both mainstream and alternative medicine. I found a list of them by searching for Integrative Physicians. I haven't used an Integrative Physician yet but we have used an Environmental Physician who did what most people would call alternative treatments as well as mainstream, but not homepathy. Someone like this would consider both types of treatment and would maybe offer the best of both.

    My great sucess does not involve homeopathy but my difficult child who had ODD and depression is mostly a easy child now. She is on the girlfriend/CF diet. The biggest problem with this plan is that when she has even a trace of those foods, she is back to being a difficult child, maybe even worse than before. That doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it is awful. She isn't on any medications and is doing much better overall, than when she was on them.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have just started him on the no preservatives diet, and am reading about the others - Feingold, etc. My concern is that I am not sure how realistic it is to be able to keep him on that type of diet - between school, going to his fathers (who would back me up on this) and other outtings, can you always find things that fit in? Any good book suggestions on the diets?

    I am starting at square one here, and he is already ticked that he can't have his chewy bars (apparently the home made variety don't cut it - yet...). I believe strongly that diet has a lot to do with things, so I will try just about anything to avoid the medications..
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    It is a huge commitment to do the girlfriend/CF diet. I am not sure how much "cheating" the other diets allow. I can tell a difference in myself if I am not super strict on my diet so I am not tempted to cheat. My kids also react to the tiniest amounts so I am committed to avoiding any diet mistakes. We almost never eat out for this reason. We bring our own food or eat before we go some place if we can.

    It is possible to find food on the run. It is easy enough to find fruit. There are other snacks that are ok but it is true that you have to think about everything you eat or drink. It is an adjustment but it can be done.

    For whatever diet you try, I wouldn't try to replace what he eats with something similar if you can help it. I would look for something that is either something he already eats and likes or something totally different. When we started the gluten free diet, I let my kids eat lots of treats so we could focus on what we could still eat that was good instead of what they couldn't eat.
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    Thank you - that's very good advice!