Homeschool on weekends?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Does anyone work full time and still home school on nights and weekends? I'm just looking for a plan "b" in case middle school is a bust. I'm going to expect the best but at the same time would love to have a backup plan just in case.
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    The beauty of homeschool is that class is in session any time you want...weekends, holidays, whatever.

    However, you are required to have your child "in school" for 180 days - and you must document what you taught on those 180 days. So schooling only on the weekends would not give you enough days to meet the requirement. A couple of hours in the evenings would "count" - so that would be fine.

    You can also have somebody else be his teacher - a babysitter, a neighbor, a doesn't have to be a parent to count as homeschool.

    Hope this helps!
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    Each state has different laws on homeschooling. In some states, all you have to do is say you are homeschooling; in others you must have detailed records, teach some required subjects and the child must take yearly standardized tests.

    After-schooling is a common form of homeschooling that is done in addition to regular school. But plain old homeschooling can be done whenever -- and if he is motivated enough, there are many online programs he can do at any time of the day.
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    I worked full time and homeschooled and did evenings and weekends - however, I wasn't homeschooling traditionally. We used an online charter school. There were assignments that I felt she could work on during the day on her own, and she did, so that helped, too.
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    Depends on you, the kid, your relationship, the system you're in and the options available...

    If you're a "natural teacher" it makes it a whole lot easier - I can't teach my way out of a paper bag!

    No idea how the kid is with "unsupervised time"... THAT simply would not work for us. What will the kid do when you are at work?

    If learning is a real difficulty, then sometimes trying to be the teacher puts a strain on the relationship. Other times, its school that is the real difficulty, not the learning...

    Rules for the system you're in - there's so many flavors out there...!

    Options to look for:
    ASSUMING you can make use of some self-directed time...
    - on-line schooling (cyber-school, synchronys classes, async classes)
    - correspondence courses (paper-based, mail-in assignments, etc.)
    - hospital schooling... if the doctors "require" the kid to be kept home, then the system may support you with work done at home but marked by school-system teachers...
    - some school boards support home schooling - including part-time schooling for the "extras" like band, shop, home Easy Child, etc.!
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    There are a LOT of resources to help you homeschool. From programs you buy to use on the computer to books to on line, to many other things. Your public school system probably has an option that is offered by the state to homeschool over the computer. It has the limitation that X hrs a day must be done every day at least 5 days a week. Some will let you have weekend days count, but many insist that it can happen any time during a weekday, but it must be on a weekday.

    Our middle school has over 35% of the teachers who homeschooled their kids during the middle school years!! Several of them had the kids sitting in the classroom doing homeschool work while mom or dad taught the middle school students. in my opinion something is SERIOUSLY wrong when that many of the teachers in a school won't let their own child attend! If manster can be home alone during the time you work or if husband is there, then it shouldn't be a problem. just look for groups he can be a member of and local homeschooling families that you can do things with to get the social stuff. Art classes and city sports leagues are great for this. Google home school laws and your state to find out the legal requirements.

    many schools have stopped messing with homeschoolers much. The homeschool legal defense assos (hslda) is a very effective group. Their website is awesome for telling you yoru rights and responsibilities. In my state they cannot even legally ASK me what days J is in school or what curriculum we are using unless we use their online homeschool program. Not all states are that way, but the hslda website is very thorough.
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    Thanks you guys. I appreciate all the information.