Homeschooling didn't work out

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Well, you don't know how a thing is going to work out until you try it, right? The homeschooling experiment lasted a couple of days and then it became clear that it really wasn't going to be a good idea... J will only accept to work for minimal amounts of time with me before demanding to go off to play with the neighbourhood children. In addition to which, I do work (though irregularly) and it is not really feasible to fit it all in "after hours". So... he is now going to the nice Moroccan school full time, redoing the year he has just completed in France. This will allow him to build up his reading and writing at his own pace, without pressure, and make a rather fast track entry into Arabic... He seems happy enough there so far and I hope it works out.

    Like all ADHD kids, I imagine, he really does need structure to focus... and seems to like it, anyway. The school teaches just over half the time in Arabic, the rest of the time in French. The principal seems kindly, intelligent and understanding, which in my book is more important than how impressive the school's results are, and all that jazz. Of course it's impossible to know whether one is doing the right thing or not most of the time - one just does what seems best at the time. But it was clearly the right decision to take him out of the French school and its punitive, judgemental pressure.
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    Learning to hate school is the worst possible outcome... which means, the switch was the only real option.
    You can still supplement his learning (later). For now, he's learning to be accepted, and to have success in school. Those are absolutely critical lessons.