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    Hi, my difficult child is a 9 year old boy in the 4th grade but only doing 1st and 2nd grade work. He has an IEP and was in a segrated classroom. He was hospitalized 2 times this past summer due to sever agression and abusive behavior to me and his sibs and tearing up our home.

    When he came home his anxiety was and still is over the top. He is adopted and he has seperation anxiety really bad. School has never been easy for him and I have had to pick him up due to panic attachs several times in the past years. He is MR, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified, ADHD, and Mood disorder.

    This year he hated going to school and we didnt have a good day at all. We had IEP meeting were teacher said things were going ok. A week after meeting I went to school to sign some papers to have him reevaluated.
    Things were getting worse a home (behaviors all the time, mood swings, agression etc.) so while I was at school I stopped by to ask teacher how things were going at school. She tells me "terrible, he is crying for me (mom) about 6 to 7 hours a day, refusing to do work, breaking pencils, and cant sit still ( so they took his chair and he had to stand). I asked why she didnt talk about this at the meeting or send me notes or call me. She said she was basically busy and thought it was just controling behavior. His couselor and Dept. of MR worker agreed, he needed to go to school for shorter days. We tried, it was the same. They suggested home bound, The school didnt have specialized teacher for difficult child so I had to take him to school for 2 hours 2 days a week. It was the same and acomplished nothing. Then the school said we could try to home bound him ourselves, they sent so much work home we couldnt finish it in the time allowed. Our counselor and MR worker agreed home school was the only option. We pulled him from school and are now home schooling. His anxiety is better and we are working on behaviors (improving some). My anxiety and behaviors are getting worse!!!!!!

    I have a 2 and 4 year old at home as well and they are both Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and 4 year old is disruptive behavior disorder. My difficult child (9yr. old) has to have one to one all the time to school to stay on task. We get it done but its not easy. We are using Time4Learning on the computer. The rest of the day he is causing havoc, running away, making messes or just melting down. He has never entertained himself, I don't know if he isn't able or wont, maybe a little of both.

    I was woundering if anyone else is homeschooling and what curriculum you use or if someone could recommend some for us.

    Also does anyone have any good ideas on how to write social stories or good sites that can help?

    Or if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for keeping difficult child entertained so I can get some house work done and take care of my 2 other children?

    I will consider any suggestions. Just need some help!