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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by dstc_99, Oct 10, 2013.

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    OMG I am so bad at this! My daughter and I just snip at each other all day long. She wants me to do the work for her and I am sick of her not making any effort. Mainly she wants help on Math and Grammar which are two subjects I stink at. I feel like I am back in school. The second big issue is that the Teacher guide sometimes does not have the answers to the questions in it. IE: unit review for Grammar test all the answers are wrong. Now I have to spend an hour figuring out what a direct object is!!! I hate this.

    Starting Tuesday we will be taking steps to get her back in regular school at the end of this nine weeks.
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    I don't homeschool but if have a sister in law who does and I know from her what an incredible amount of work it is. difficult child keeps telling me that he wants to be homeschooled, but it's not going to happen. It would just cause all kinds of tension and it would not end well.
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    You couldn't pay me to homeschool my difficult child. She took a summer school class in English because she failed it last semester, and it was harder on me than her. Getting her to do any work was impossible. She had to read short stories then answer questions and write out sentences. She wanted me to read the stories for her and give her the answers. Then she even asked me to start writing everything out for her, which of course I refused to do. No way no how could I ever do homeschooling full time. I don't envy you.
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    What about online school? I would think that would be easier than traditional homeschooling. Even if you had to hire someone to Skype him/her once a day to check in and hold them accountable.
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    You can read the stories TO her, but not FOR her. You can WRITE for her, but you cannot give her the answers. ... and yes, some difficult child kids just don't get it.
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    I finally broke down on Friday and told her if it continues this way I can not longer do this. husband and I were going out of town Saturday and easy child was going to be with friends all day so I couldn't be sure she would have time to do her lessons. Yes she has lessons on Saturday because she wanted a lighter workload during the week and her school allows it. So Friday she had to do her Saturday and Friday work. She was dragging it out all day long and asking me to help her with things when she hadn't even started them yet. I was about to lose my mind. Starting Monday I am done with it. I will check the work and mark things wrong then hand it back.

    It is a online school so she does have someone to check in with weekly and she has online support classes she can attend but she refuses them. I feel like I am trapped in my house because if I leave nothing gets done except the super easy stuff.
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    I'm sorry it isn't working for you. It isn't for everyone.