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    Well, we have decided to homeschool Tigger. He is doing an outstanding job with his schoolwork, he has self-started a unit on spiders because he is fascinated with them (we have tons in our backyard - thankfully he understands that he can't play with them!!). He is calmer and more socially appropriate in the afternoons/evenings when he plays with other kids. My mother (who is strongly against homeschooling) said she had to admit that since keeping him home, she saw a marked improvement and so did husband, who is not philosophically opposed to homeschooling but is concerned that I will get overwhelmed with my part-time job and homeschooling.

    It is just such a dramatic improvement that we can't ignore it.

    Any fellow homeschoolers out there - please let me know of any good homeschool sites/links.

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    Glad it's going so well!

    Not many homeschoolers hang out in Sp Ed Forum. If you want this moved to girlfriend, let us know.
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    Hi! i just popped over here for a quick look around and saw this. I think Tigger would be 3rd grade or so? I will check my links and forward any to youvia PM tomorrow or Friday. I used to have an absolute ton of sites for that age. Now I have need of middle school stuff. I liked the younger age better.

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    I have so many links I have a separate folder in my bookmarks for them. Too many to post, but if you have a specific need PM me, and I will see what I have. Probably my fav was:
    It was 15.00 for a year.....but it was WELL worth the price. It is for teachers, but that is what a homeschooling parent is!!!

    Also, be sure and sign him up with your local homeschooling groups. We joined several, and they did lot's of field trips each month that provided an excellent social forum, as well as educational.

    I am so glad he is doing better learning at home. So did my son, until ODD University took over........... :smirk:
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    Tigger just amazed me today. He worked on his reading workbook for over 2 hours!! He figured out that since he is homeschooled, he can go as fast or as slow as he wants and he has decided to "catch up" with his brother and become a 5th grader this year (course he started in the 1st grade reading book and 2nd or 3rd grade for everything else -- he has a ways to go LOL). Since we started some of the homeschooling books in the summer, he will actually finish the 1st grade reading curriculum next week!!

    So we continue on our good path...
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    This made me laugh for two reasons:

    One, my 10 year old, 4th grade difficult child son wants to catch up SOOOO bad with his almost 10 year old, 5th grade sister.

    Two, a 12 year old in the barn where we have our horse is homeschooled and figured out the same thing! She gets all her work done in about 3-4 hours of 4 days so she can go hang out in the barn the rest of the day and on her "off days". I think it's awesome since she then works off her lessons and gets lots of social interaction with the people there.

    good luck with Tigger!

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    Sounds like he's doing great. Yea, Tigger!