Honestly I don't know what to do no more

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    Hey everyone I am new here and hopefully I will be able to get some help and info on what to do

    I have a 15 year old brother that is out of control he breaks things punches walls he's even went as far as hiting me once he is such a angry teenager me and my mother don't know what to do anymore anything sets him off its like living in hell and fear daily but other days he can be such a respectful teen.

    I ended up moving back home after having my child but to be honest I do not want my child to go threw this please any help would be great
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    Is he in special education? Does he attend school? What, so far, has your mother tried to get him help?
    (I am just asking because it just took so long to get help for my son - want to see what avenues you may have tried)
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    and .. welcome to you, Mel!
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    This up to your parents. You cant do much. I think it would be best to find a job, move out, and not subject your baby to that, brother is too young to leave the house but you can.
    Your brother is possibly on drugs or mentally ill and it doesnt seem he is getting treatment or, if he is, yhat it is working but legally a sister cant do anything. You have no legal rights. The only thing you can do is call the cops if he gets violent and I dont kow if mom will like it.

    Best to move out in my opinion.

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