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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Dec 5, 2010.

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    Manster got his first "bad" week report since starting in Aug. Pretty good run, 4 months! Interesting tidbid is one of the days we had run out of Ritalin. Also we slowly are decreasing his morning clonidine. We will pay close attention to this and hopefully he'll bounce back. He was late turning in work and actually got an F on an assignment in one of his best subjects, spelling.
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    Hope it was just a slip-up and he goes back to the honeymoon!!
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    I hope the medications will take care of it as you monitor and adjust them. Hopefully he's get used to the smaller dose of clonidine. Sometimes it takes awhile. Maybe our kids notice the slow weans more because their brains and bodies are ultra-sensitive.

    I have found that December is always a hard month as the holidays set in. For example my 17 has been getting A's and B's (he's going to high school half-time) and has been really motivated and working his tushie off. But I can see he's getting tired and not as enthusiastic.

    Has Manster mentioned anything that might be going on with him? Not trying to make a big deal out of this -- just thinking about December with grey days, holiday distractions, everyone's supposed to feel so jolly. Personally I think it's a recipe for overwhelm.

    Just brainstorming. How does Manster usually do around the holidays?

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    caan't sneeze at 4 months!
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    yea 4 mos is no joke. all kids screw up hopefully thats' what this is !! we always think gfgism right away :)
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    Thanks ladies.

    BarneysMom, I don't think the holidays are necessarily a trigger but anything out of routine can set him off. For instance on vacation his behavior was awful. He's still coming back to full speed after that which was a month ago. I hope he adjusts to the clonidine decrease. I asked the teacher to let me know if he has another bad week.

    On another note he hurt his hand Saturday playing around with friends and grabbing a ball that was under the treadmill. It looks like a layer of skin is scraped off and it's oozing yellow stuff (censor won't let me say the p word). Against my better judgement I kept him home and we're about to go to the doctor's. I should have made him go and taken him after school but he melted down about having to go (saying his hand hurt too much) and I caved. I have no doubt it hurts but not as much as he carried on lol.
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    Hi ML, I think you did right by taking him to the doctor's. Little things like that can set our kids off and if we can take care of them early, so much the better. Let us know how the doctor's went.

    Jo xx
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    Schools don't want wounds that are oozing - period. Too much risk. So keeping him home was the right thing to do and best to get it checked by a doctor, just in case.

    How did it go? Did doctor treat for infection?
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    The doctor said we got lucky and that it could have been much worse, like needing skin grafting! We got antibiotics and instructions on what to look for in terms of infection. He's cleaning and dressing it himself twice a day. Thanks for caring my friends.