Honeymoon phase?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ATaLOSS, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Okay- am I a difficult child? Starting to wonder because I have found such solace, validation, and reassurance after posting my 1st post that I am consumed with checking this forum and reading what everyone has to offer. I have SO much work to do tonight - not enough hours to do it in, yet here I sit. I can clearly recognize what is happening- I have been so strong on my long journey, and so alone that once I opended the floodgates and reached out, it has made me weak to the whole situation. I know its necessary, and well deserved. Had I had the support all along, this wouldn't be the case. There is no issue more important in my life than my son and his situation- but I know I need to stay focused in my work and do what I need to logistically to be able to do what's necessary. How can I reach this balance when I've brushed my own mental/emotional well-being under the rug for years? I steal my time as it is to be successful in work- lately I've been tending to my 'own needs' which basically involves checking in here- my safe place where I can share with all of you- and offer the little of myself I have to offer - after being a mom! Bless you all and your situations- as many of you have told me.... you are not alone.
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    Ahhhhh.....you've found the addiction that is this board. LOL I recently got a call from Dammit Janet while she was at her son's awaiting the birth of her new grandson. She had her computer but her son doesn't have internet at his house. Janet was going KA-RAAAAAZY!! LOL

    You really just need to carve out time for yourself. Whether it's to read a book, run YOUR errands, check the board, hoard chocolate...whatever...but it's YOUR time. Find a time that works best for you and go with it. We'll be here no matter when you log in.
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    Ata Loss, It is so great to have a selt place o land and not be alonel. I tried doidng it alone for too long. Welcome!!! Compassion
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    Ya know, even when your little one turns into a bigger one, you will come. My difficult child is 14, but I've been a member for eight years or so. I read every day even if I don't post much any longer. I've found that a lot of behaviors become commonplace in our home. Its hard to realize I DO NOT HAVE A NORMAL CHILD. But when I do need a shoulder, this group is always here and it helps immensely to know that there's someone else who has been there. No matter what the question, there's someone here who has experience.
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    I to agree that the board can become addicting. Even when I was so sick with the flu, I had to try and at least read some on the board. There is strength in numbers I have always heard and I have found that on boards such as these, over the years, that has proven true. We all need others who are in situtations like our own, to help us have something to hang on to when our days crumble.

    Our mantra shall always be, WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!
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    Yea its true...the board is addictive when you have been in this alone. Its helps so much. I used to have a huge post count on here as I was on here so much when Nate was little...but all that got lost in the big board crash some years ago. I have to be honest too that part of the reason I was on here so much was to avoid spending time with him...:( hate to say that, but he wasn't exactly a fun kid that I wanted to spend time with him very much. :( I feel guilty about that, but I couldn't even sit next to him to watch a movie without him hurting me. Not that he was always trying to hurt me on purpose...its just his ADHD was not under control and he was all over the place and always got too rough ..would want to wrestle me or something. He got on my nerves SO much. :(

    We did have our good times though of course. It wasn't constant difficult child stuff....good thing or I would have lost my mind years ago I think.

    But now he is better and not needing constant attention or crisis or whatever I have so much free time, I am sort at a loss as to what to do with myself...


    Anyway I am glad you are feeling good and safe on being on here!
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    LOL....yes, this is a good place. Not only is this where I still come even though my youngest kid is 23!, but it is the first thing that I blinked my eyes to when coming out of a coma last fall...lmao. I couldnt talk with a tube down my throat but I would blink my eyes yes when asked if I remembered my friends on this board!

    I got my grandkids names mixed up but I didnt forget this place. (thats bad isnt it? lol)
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    Well, cheers to my new found friends!!! Have my difficult child rt now - finishing up his favorite cartoon and we have a date in 15 minutes to carve the pumpkin!......Wait a minute........that involves knives.....maybe I should rethink this!!! LOL! j/k- will be fine. (a little board humor I know MANY of you get!);)
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    Yea spooky! that is why I invested in pumpkin caving knives..no pointy ends...plus I thought they were easier to use then regular knives anyway. I am sure he will be fine. Seems like when their is direction and instruction they do better..