Honey's ... I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have a ton of reading to catch up on here!!!

    I'm back from a mini escape with easy child. We went to Toronto to see the NHL game she had tickets for (Christmas present). She was psyched! We lucked out finding a package hotel deal online. The room should have run us over $700 for 3 nights, I got us 3 nights for $269 (after tax) and included tickets to the art gallery of ontario for their King Tut exhibit. The exhibit was amazing!! Bought a ticket book that includes a bunch of attractions for one price (huge savings). We spent a day at the ontario science center, went to Castle Loma (a cool old house/mini castle type thing), the royal ontario museum, the toronto maple leafs game, went up the CN tower and had breakfast overlooking the city. Saw a imax movie and took easy child to dinner at wayne gretzky's restaurant (my easy child plays hockey and she's a hockey freak lol).

    It was a great time. First time she and I went off on our own (no boys!). I could tell how much she enjoyed not sharing mom! Our hotel was terrific, very elegant lobby and restaurants. Getting around the city by subway made travelling to things very inexpensive.

    I think that each year now I might do something like this with easy child. She misses stuff around here by spending nearly half her time with her dad and step mom. She loves seeing them, hates missing things going on here at home when shes with them. It meant a ton to her to have this time one on one. She was terrific. No complaining the entire time, was good to let me rest when needed to avoid a MS flare. We are sure glad to be home though. There's no place like home!!!

    Anyhow, wanting to say I missed you all! I have read so far that marg's results are promising (WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and that Janet is going to the White House easter egg hunt (I could be the other adult if you're stuck Janet, I'll even make the long trek to washington lol). Now to catch up on the rest of the posts!!!!
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    What did you bring me? Answer that......then I'll say I missed you. lol

    Glad to see you're back safe. (Well what is it?)

    Hugs - Star
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    Sounds like you both had a great time!
  4. Mattsmom277

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    Sniff sniff ... so you're saying bring MYSELF back isn't enough then? lol

    I can offer you a selection of the following purchases: 1 foam finger (fan foam finger to wave at Toronto Maple Leafs hockey games), various mini Mummies (sadly, not mini mOmmY's, wouldn't that be great?) that look like king tut, beanie babies (garfield and odie), a tshirt that says Lord of the Rinks (pictured are various beavers dressed like the LOTRings characters, on ice skates with hockey sticks), or a picture of myself and easy child looking like we are rappelling off the CN tower. (These are all easy child purchases, I wisely spent nothing on brick a brack lol)
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    Oooooh, Oooooh, I want the T-shirt!

    Sounds like you had a lovely time. Good for you.
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    LOL The tshirt is pretty cool looking actually. I might have to borrow it one day from easy child and at least post a picture of me wearing it lol.