Hope 2019 will be a wonderful year for all of us.


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It has been a hard year.
My mother died last May then I lost many to death, 2 best friends, one to suicide, 1 cousin my age, 1 dog, 5 close friends. A neighbor that I have known for a long time betrayed me in a huge way.

I was feeling very sad on Christmas day so decided to take a walk, I needed to clear my mind and was hoping to feel peaceful, while on the walking track, I see a young girl about 17 years old sitting on the edge of a bridge, as I walked up to the girl I notice she had a knife in her hands and was stabbing her chest, I screamed at her to drop the knife, she dropped it then fell about 20 feet into the a creek with 2 feet of water. 911 was called and we pulled her out of the creek. Had I not been taking a walk, that girl would have been dead. The ambulance got there quickly and she was breathing but totally out of it.

Next day I come down with a horrible cold and sinus infection.

My daughter has been ok but very distant. She bought a bunch of expensive clothes and purses and told me her boyfriend bought them for her, he does not have that kind of money, I know that is just another one of her one million lies. I went over there the other day and her trash was piled nearly to the roof of her garage in several different trash cans, it is only 15 feet to take the trash out for the trash truck to pick up. My daughter is always talking about germs and clean air yet lets her garbage pile up like that. For 2019 I will let go of her pig pen lifestyle, I just don't understand how this is ok with her but as 2019 comes closer I will try to distance myself from her piggitry (is that even a word?)

The last few times I talked to my daughter she has been heavy duty with the lies, even more than usual, if she says something I have to take it in opposites, her lies are extremely awful and my soul actually aches from listening to them and the non stop babble about nothing but political stuff.. It is awful. Even though we have distance and I don't see her very much anymore, the little time I see her she drains and hurts my spirit.

I have unhooked all of my financial ties with my daughter except the house and it will be paid off soon. I look forward to the day I am unhooked financially from her completely.

I feel grateful that she was good on our last cruise. I feel grateful that she lives in her own home and not in my peaceful haven. I am grateful that she has a job. Happy New Year. Thank you all for letting me vent.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

Wow what a story about the girl on the bridge! Truth is stranger than fiction. I am so glad you were there for her that day. That one incident can give one purpose in life. You saved a life.

I'm so sorry that your daughter is the way she is but it is good that you have gotten to a place of acceptance. That is all we can do at times, is accept things as they are. We cannot change anyone else.

You are not a kid but you are still not an old woman. 61 is not old and you still have plenty of life left to live so you should live it with YOUR meaning and purpose and YOUR joy.

For me, I am done suffering. I have suffered a lot in my own life and it is now over. I have decided that.

2018 has been a crazy year for us. We relocated to a new state. Husband will start a new job next week. He started one when we moved here but did not like it so now will start another job so he has a lot of anxiety but I think it will be better for him.

Our son, who has been estranged from our family for years, is now living with us again and he is bringing us so much joy. He has overcome his addiction and I now finally see the beautiful young man that God intended for him to be. I am anxious for him to reach his potential but I have to be patient also. It is hard to be patient.

I'm looking forward to 2019 being a year of personal growth and surrounding myself with beautiful people and places. We live in a beautiful part of the country on the coast of Alabama and I am looking forward to exploring the adjacent areas. There are beautiful beaches and towns all around us. The food is good. The people are friendly. What more could I ask for other than moving all our friends and family here with us!

I wish all of you a very Happy and Peaceful New Year!


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We had a great year, quiet and calm the way we like it. Retirement and hub and I spending so much quality time together! Our little black rescue dog whom we love so much .Thriving kids. Next year we have a wedding and we travel in our RV in the winter.

We have grateful hearts here.

Have a great New Year!
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Yes, Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone finds their own way to peace and fulfillment. 2018 was not the best year for me, but not the worst either. And through everything I maintained my peace of mind, which is my number 1 goal in life. Once I figured out how to get peace I had to learn how to keep it, no matter what kind of hurricane is going on around me. My beloved dogs and cats are all in good health- aging and slowing down, but healthy. They bring so much love and acceptance to my life that I feel I can never repay them. I have also semi-adopted a blind (I think) opossum who is visiting my indoor/outdoor room with my feral cat and eating some cat food and drinking the water. He also wanders around and explores things in there. Seeing him gives me great joy as I love animals so much and this guy seems old and like he needs a little help. My job is going well and my granddaughter thrives in spite of everything, so I cannot complain. Let's hope we all enjoy a calm and relatively happy 2019.


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Wishing all of you here peace and progress in 2019! I am so grateful to have found you all.


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What a story Newstart! You saved a life. Doesn’t get better than that.

Sounds powerfully frustrating re your daughter. This site can be a balm. (((Hugs))) I too recall feeling better when our daughter moved out. In many ways, it’s better now that she is in a different city too.

We had ups and downs this year.

The biggest “up,” was the birth of a grandchild. Followed by a good Xmas with our daughter...a first after thirty years.
We did some traveling, which was lovely.

Downers...the usual constant crisis phone calls from our daughter. Our dog died. Our son has been acting weird. And his in laws are over the top bizarre and sometimes rude with me and my hubby. An upsetting and confusing situation. plus crazy autoimmune problems with blood tests about every ten days all year (not kidding) and difficult medications that go with it all.

Yet...I find myself filled with joy and hope this evening. :) Blessings to all for a happy, healthy, safe and peaceful 2019.