Hope - Increase in Concerta, Day 1

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jules71, Oct 14, 2010.

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    Here is what I hope - I hope my difficult child comes home from school and tells me today was an awesome day - I hope the increase in his Concerta is exactly what we were missing and all of our problems will be solved! Geeez, is that too much to ask for?!? I am dreading that won't be the case though. I wish I could just get it all out of my mind for just a little bit and have some peace in my life.

    This afternoon will also be difficult child's first appointment with the counselor. Pretty sure that will tick him off. He gets out of school today at 2 and his appointment is at 4.
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  2. shellyd67

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    I hope all your dreams come true Jules .... Who knows the right dose of Concerta may make some difference. Good Luck at the counseling session. Let me know how it goes.:angel3:

  3. ML

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    I hope so too!
  4. Jules71

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    Well yesterday was actually a GOOD day!!! I wasn't so sure when I picked him up for school... seemed like he was a little moody but said he had a good day. When it was time to go to his appointment he was resisting a lot and saying I'm not going, etc - but he went, he talked to the counselor, he did really well with her (just getting to know her and talking about things he likes to do and some things that bother him). The counselor even came out to the parking lot so he could show her how he can unicycle! He loves showing off for people. Here's the thing.... when we got home, his attitude was the MOST POSITIVE I have ever seen!!! He likes to play poker online (I know... he's only 8!) but usually when he looses a hand or all of his chips he explodes. This time he was positive and kept saying if I don't win this hand, I will win the next. Major positive vibes!!! It was amazing. I don't know if it was the higher dose of Concerta, or the counseling session, or the mountain dew he had! The only partial meltdown was when I told him it was time to get off the computer.... I ended up giving in. I was enjoying his attitude so much up til then that I decided not to enforce him getting off the computer... bad Mommy? I just wanted to avoid a possible blowup - and I wanted him to feel good longer.

    Let's hope this continues! Thanks for the positive vibes! Have a good weekend everyone!
  5. Jules71

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    Uggggh - today is not good. Not nearly as good. :confused:
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    Awww sorry today was not as good Jules. Sometimes when difficult child's have a good day you do wonder what the reason is.... as funny as that sounds I wonder what did he eat, drink, etc ....somedays are better than others and I try and make sure I savor the good days ... I hope tomorrow is better.
  7. Jules71

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    I, of course, am disappointed because I wanted to attribute the good day he had yesterday with the medication increase. I guess the good day yesterday was because he was getting to do what he wanted to do and was winning his game. I guess he was so positive because he was winning his game. I guess his entire life revolves around him winning his game. I guess NO MORE GAME! I can't take this. I hate it. I want to run away. I want to take him to the hospital and have him admitted so I can have a freakin break! I know that won't really give me one though. I can't get this kid to understand his life is not over because he lost a @#$%^ game online. WTF!

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of living like this!!! Yah I know.... he can't help it, but geeeeez what on earth did I do to deserve having to live every single moment of my existence like this???!?!?!!! He is an emotional sobbing mess on the floor right now.... all because he lost a game on the computer.
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    Jules, you do have a right to say to your docs that enough is enough, that you've tried enough stimulants and you don't believe they're the right class of medications for your son. We finally had to do that for our son with SSRIs. We had trialed five different ones, with and without mood stabilizers on board, and he reacted poorly every time. We finally put our foot down and said we're through with SSRIs, and you know what? Our son has done better ever since. You as a parent do have a role in the medication decisions that are made for your son.

    Hang in there. I know this has been tough for you.
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    I don't know if it's feasible for you or not, but I've got the comps set with different users so I can set it to boot kiddo offline at a certain time and I can also block certain sites from her user ID. When certain games or sites become emotional issues for her I'll put them on the block list until she calms down about it, then let her use them in my presence until she proves she is in a place where she can handle it or will come to me when she's upset instead of going into total meltdown mode.