Hope no one was traveling on I95 in NC today


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There was a major wreck in southern NC today...well early this morning involving two 18 wheelers that collided and evidently were fatal. The accident was so bad that the interstate has been closed down since it happened around 3:30 this morning!

First they closed both lanes north and south but they got the northern lanes up fairly quickly. The south bound lanes have been closed since the accident. It happened right below Exit 14 in NC.

The interstate is backed up for miles going south and is a parking lot. People have been stranded in their cars and tractor trailers since it happened or they ran up on the traffic jam. The state did put up warning signs but I guess some folks ignored them. The roads around here are overloaded trying to get people off the interstate. It is 100 degrees here and I cant imagine being stuck in a car for 8, 10 or more hours. There is no end in sight either. They have so many roads blocked now.

I live on one of the detours. Right now, people better hope they have a good GPS system or a handy map...lol. I think I would be getting a motel for the night and trying tomorrow. I know cars have to be out of gas. The only good point for some people is they got stuck next to some Mcdonalds type places. Some folks didnt though. Of course, getting over the fence would be a problem. What a nightmare.


I've been stuck on 75 a couple times in Kentucky because of accidents and it wasn't fun at all...and for nowhere near that long. Once was 3 hours and I was in the middle of nowhere. Another was right at an exit and took the detour...took us over 3 hours to go 30 miles. Of course they were both in the summer...I meet easy child's dad (who lives in Atlanta) halfway for visitation which is just north of TN. I never let my car get below 1/4 tank now when traveling, though.

In Ohio, they close the interstate anytime there is an accident involving a fatality. In Atlanta, the only time I remember them closing the interstate was when a car drove under a semi and the semi caught fire...think it was a gas tanker...it was a long time ago. It was closed for 8 hours. It takes a lot to close the interstate there.


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Well....here it is at almost 7:30...the road was closed at 3:30 am...so its over what...16 hours now? And it is still closed but they are siphoning off the traffic.

Reports are that one of the trucks was a chemical truck which makes it all the worse.

I feel so badly for the people in those cars. I just know there are going to be tons of cars that ran out of gas or overheated and cracked engines because of this. It hit a high of 104 temp wise...I imagine on the highway it had to be well over that.


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Oh, that's awful! I hope they get it re-opened soon. What a mess! I can't imagine what the temperatures must be like on the pavement! I always feel so sorry for the people who have babies and small kids.

We had just the opposite problem on I-40 last winter! (Or was it the winter before?) It was a really cold night and the interstate started icing up badly, then there was a wreck with two 18-wheelers involved. It was so slick, nobody could drive on it! The eastbound side (going towards Nashville) was closed down for over 12 hours and people were stuck in their cars in freezing temperatures. And unless you really luck out and get stopped right by an exit, there is no way to get off. From the exit I get off on to go to work, it's five miles to the next exit one way and seven miles the other way.

I've gotten stuck for a couple of hours before, just on the little five-mile stretch of I-40 that I drive every day. And it's been just my luck that this only seems to happen when I'm almost out of gas ... and have to use the bathroom really bad!


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It was two men ..one from SC and one from NC. They really werent all that far from home so I can only assume one was heading home and one was leaving...or something.