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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by buddy, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. buddy

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    I am watching ngeo tv ....the drugs inc show.

    I just saw this researcher put drug users----cocaine in this case----- in a pet scanner. They showed them pictures with drug related associations....and the dopamine receptors rose in the behavior areas. She said they become addicted to the lifestyle in a sense so even with sincere resolve to stop and when doing well this is why the impulse is too hard to resist if put back in familiar settings.
    We know this, hear it and see loved ones suffer relapse but I had never seen a scientific "disease" type of reason. So much we don't know.

    I wonder how that could impact treatment beyond saying change your whole life.....if there would be medications to help reduce that surge?

    Anyway I know drug abuse affects many of our family and friends but I don't have a difficult child with the issue, just care about you all. I hope you don't mind my share. I just thought it was interesting.
  2. Calamity Jane

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    husband and I were watching that show last night, too. We turned it on right at the point when they were showing the subjects in the machine, with videos of cocaine use flashing in front of them. Yes, the researcher said they actually release dopamine when they watch other users...they don't have to be using at all for the same reaction to take place. Unbelieveable. Thank you for mentioning it.
  3. Nancy

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    Buddy thank you for thinking of us, we are always open and eager to hear of new research. It's very ironic you should post this because just last week at my support group we watch part of an HBO special on addiction and they had a doctor who is doing research on this who explained all about dopamine and showed brain scans of addicts and how the dopamine receptors are very pronounced and the reason people become addicted is because drugs/alochol increases the dopamine in their brains far more than any normal pleasurable activity in normal people and they get addicted to that feeling and crave it and have to have it. Of course that is what they are trying to mimic with suboxone which has it's own problems. But my question at the meeting was why don't they find some way to lesson the effect of dopamine on the brain the the addict would not crave it, or of course develop a medication that is not addictive that just targets the dopamine receptor.

    I do believe some day they will have better ways to manage addiction.
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    Buddy, your input is always welcome thank you for sharing. Not sure what to think/hope about the new research. It does give insigt and possible directions in which reasearch should be headed. Unfortunately all that takes time. Just wish there was a quick easy cure for addictions now. -RM