Hopefully...a link to Sonic's graduation day pictures!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Jun 10, 2012.

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    Looks like a wonderful day :) handsome son you have there too! Congrats to the new graduate. What is next for Sonic?
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    Way To Go! Congrats to him and you! Keep fingers crossed that we are doing this same time next year!
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    Huge congrats to Sonic!!! Looks like a great day to me. :)

  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Sonic wants to get a job. Department of Vocational Rehab will help place him appropriately. He is also accepted into something called Human Services for young adults with special needs so if he wants to move or needs help with daily life, he will have that help.
    Sonic has been busy so far with Special Olympics softball with the people he is used to and has been playing and working with since he's been little. At this point in time, he does not want to try any post-high school classes. He's burned out. Maybe one day...but it's up to him :)
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    Awww! Great looking boy. And I love the picture of him with the lap top. He looks soooooooooooo surprised!
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    That is one gorgeous young man there!

    Tell him congrats from me, too!
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    Thank you all :) See how small our family is? That's hub (with the little dog), Julie the Pastry Chef (my Korean princess...her SO couldn't come, he had to work), Jumper and J. and us. That was his party and he was g lad it wasn't any bigger...lol :)
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    Congratulations to Sonic and you! He is very nice looking and I am sure you are very proud of him.

    I get to see my easy child graduate next year and I am sure I will cry when I see her walk in her cap and gown :)
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    Congratulations to all of you! Job well done!
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    I am so excited for all of you. Congrats to Sonic and a huge WELL DONE to mom and dad for getting him this far. You should be so proud. And yes, he is one very handsome young man (and Pastry Chef is beautiful too)
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    I enlarged the first photo to see it and laughed because I figured Sonic was either the oldest, most laid back grad ever or the furriest grad ever. When I scrolled forward, I smiled because he was so handsome and happy looking in his cap and gown. I love the name Lucas, as well. One of my kids is middle named Luke because Lucas didn't go with his first name.

    Congratulations. Does he have plans for after HS?
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    MWM, thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. You must be so proud. Way To Go Sonic! You have a beautiful family.
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    Congratulations Sonic! And of course mom and dad too.

    You sure have beautiful kiddos MWM.
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    SONIC MY MAN!!!!!!!!!! CONGRADULATIONS - YOU ARE ACES DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS and LOVE -auntie star
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    Thanks, all. It was very emotional for all of us. He actually got a regular diploma, not a Special Education certificate. I am proud of my kiddos!
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    HEY, my post disappeared! LOL

    I got choked up looking at those pics. Your family is so beautiful. Sonic looks so happy at his special just right, family celebration. You are an amazing mom.

    Congrats to Sonic, he is a handsome dude.
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    Congrats to Sonic! HUGS Rabbit
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    HUGE congratulations to Sonic! You must be so proud of him! You have a very handsome son there and a beautiful family!
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    Congrats to Sonic!