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    What do you do when you feel hopeless?
    After all that we have been through with our son to finish HS, he is still flunking 3 classes. one week left of the quarter left
    Nothing gets him to finish his work or start it. He can only work a couple minutes before messing around with his phone. You say you will suspend the service if he doesnt get the work done and his ODD comes out and he digs in further, Constantly walking on egg shells trying to walk the line of having rules or let it go so he doesnt blow up
    He is out with his buddies now and it is a school nite. he says if he goes to girls basketball game he will get extra credit.
    Now, I am waiting for him to get home.
    I am nagging and micro managing to point where i have given him the answers to some of his worksheets
    I'm not sure if I can take any more of this...
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    So not in the same school spot but I can totally relate to the walking on egg shells stuff. This is day four of certain periods of the day where my son has just blown up... screaming and calling me his routine string of vulgar names. I want to avoid the scene so much I feel like I need to give in on some things that I know will help him calm in the short run but he flat out says he will just scream until I give him what he wants sometimes. Now He is yelling at me taht I am a d. bag b**ch for not caring about NASCAR. He is just mad at the world. I am typing to you instead of losing my cool. Thank heaven it is almost bed time.

    I am sorry he is blowing it right here at the end of the year. That has to be super frustrating but you already graduated so doing his work??? nah, he can do summer school. Easier to say than to do, I realize that...trust me I do. in my humble opinion, it is time to back off the nagging but if there is any way to not allow the outings.....

    HUGS, I can't pretend to know what to do in your shoes, but I can understand the sadness and loss of dreams.
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    I know I know but i can't help myself. He can't do summer school. he won't graduate. period...i keep thinking of all the debt we have accumalted for his HS degree and now he won't EVEN GRADUATE... it is all that money that i went back to work to earn, wasted ... i just want him out of my house and to go away to a jr college. i WANT THIS OVER....he is accepted to colleges. i don't know if they can revoke acceptance because he went to summer school?

    The sad thing is, once he is gone my youngest adhd son will be starting middle school and it will probably start all over again...
    i hope bedtime comes very soon for you!
    that is the only time i can get away.. is sleep