Hoping difficult child 1 hasn't bit off too much...

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    with this new independent study program. I think he can do it, but this is going to be a lot more work than I thought. They didn't tell us he would have two additional courses beyond the other two electives he's taking at his home high school! So instead of 6 classes (one of which is a team sport), he now has 8!

    It could end up being a bonus, though. Some of the courses are university-approved so they will help towards admissions (providing he is able to go the 4-year route after HS). But even better, in my mind, is that a lot of these courses are things he cannot get at the regular HS because of budget cuts. Driver's Education is one of the classes, and naturally, that was first on his list since he's already 16 1/2 and has been itching to get his permit for some time. But due to difficult child issues and grade issues, that has not been on the table until now. So he's pretty excited about this, AND it will save me the cost of paying a private driver's ed company, since it's no longer offered through the regular school system.

    There are also home/Easy Child courses, art courses, pyschology, business, foods, business law courses. Again, these are not offered through the typical HS.

    We went in for his first meeting with his teacher, got his course assignment for this month and his textbook. He goes back next Wednesday and has to have completed a reading and instructional video assignment, chapter notes, project, essay, and quiz, all to be turned in that day. Then he'll get his assignment for the next week and it repeats. Each subject runs 4 weeks and then he'll get the semester grade and move on to the next subject. As long as he can stay disciplined and manage his time well (that's where I come in) I think he'll be able to keep up.

    He's actually said he thinks this is going to be better than regular HS because he won't be stuck in a classroom with a bunch of idiots who don't care and who cause distractions. (!) He said he believes he learned more during the home/hospital tutoring than he did during the rest of his time spent in classrooms earlier this year. We'll see if that's true...

    So away we go! Fingers crossed that this was a good move and that he ends the school year on a really positive note!
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    It sounds like he's positive about it, so that's one hurdle cleared. Fingers crossed things go well!
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    It sounds good!! I hope it works well and he stays motivated and on target. For a kid who grasps material easily, a classroom can be a real PITA because many items are gone over time and time and time again, so it gets boooooring.

    Fingers crossed!!
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    I agree it sounds positive! He seems motivated; crossing fingers that this really turns out to be a good thing for him.