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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ChocolateBFF, Dec 10, 2009.

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    difficult child started off the school semester really well. At home things improved dramatically. No more smart mouth and for the most part fairly compliant for her. Still a difficult child, just much improved. I just wish it could have continued.

    Right around Nov. 1, she just started falling apart. She has been suspended from school twice for digging her nails into another student who made her angry. (2 different kids) She has gotten increasingly argumentative, smart mouthed and just shows no remorse for the things she does. She tries to dominate the teachers.

    We have good phases and bad phases. I had sensed last month she was headed down again. I don't think I have ever experienced 2 whole months of fairly peaceful behavior.

    At her last suspension, I was in the office with 2 Special Education teachers, principal, guidance counselor and her regular teacher. They were all very concerned about her. I have setup in psychiatrist appointment for 1/8. difficult child has in school mental health counseling once a week. (just started) Teachers are going to write up all her recent behaviors for me to take to psychiatrist appointment. The school has sent a psychologist to observe her, but each time he was in class, difficult child acted like a prim and proper 7th grader(she's a fifth grader) and then when he left the class, teacher observed her crawling on the floor and doing her usual behaviors. Psychologist, teachers and I will all be meeting soon, hopefully before Xmas.

    I suppose I need to vent. I decided to go back to counselling for myself. The stress of difficult child wears me down and I hate venting to husband all the time.
    I guess I hoped she was done being a difficult child and was a easy child. Silly fantasy! Just need to try and detach again from the craziness. Thanks for listening.
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    Hey, it's ok to feel stressed. The unfortunate pattern of most/many difficult child's is they cycle in their behaviors and get better and worse. It's the norm with all psychiatric disorders...they do get better, but then they get worse. When they are worse, it is very hard.

    I'm wondering if your daughter's birthmother drank or used drugs while she was pregnant? This can cause lifelong problems for the child. I have four adopted kids and one of the birthmoms used drugs and drank.
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    Birthmom did drugs, smoked and drank up until 6 months of pregnancy.