Horroscope for this weekend

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, May 23, 2009.

  1. ML

    ML Guest

    I was radio channel surfing and stopped when they started giving weekend horroscopes. They were done in a fun, clearly just-for-entertainment fashion but I'm wondering if there is an element of truth in them. They saved the best for last and said "Virgo, don't *even* bother getting out of bed this weekend. So carefully I climed out of bed and have decided that I'll heed the advice and take it way easy this weekend. I may hit a garage sale or two, take a long walk and hold done the couch :)
  2. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Oh great.....what now? LOL
  3. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    I'm thinking a long walk on the couch sounds good.

  4. ML

    ML Guest

    LOL you know I like that Abbs.
  5. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    It's 10:30 and I haven't made it off yet. And, I'm not even a Virgo. Craps. I guess I'm living vicarously through someone else's sign.

  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    That sounds like an awesome plan. Makes me wish I was Virgo. Oh well, I already goofed and went on my first bike ride for the season but it was to garage sales where I bought scrapbooking cards and a weekly medicine container so maybe I am o.k. in the taking it easy category. My bones will tell me later.

    And a three day weekend! A great time to take it easy and pamper the couch.
  7. ML

    ML Guest

    I got 3 summer dresses, all purple and two awesome sweaters as well as a cool pair of nice sandals worn only once or twice that are nice enough for work. I only spent $7! I also jumped on the trampolene for a half hour and have spent an hour and a half cleaning so I'm not heeding the advice very well. I'm ready for the couch now and we've rented slum dog millionaire :)
  8. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    I managed to crack my head on the freezer door on the refrigerator while getting IN the durn thing. Then I planned on mowing the yard but I can't find the key to the shed.

    I AM a Virgo and am starting to think I should have stayed in bed today! LOL
  9. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    I'm a Virgo, can I go back to bed? I'll never have that luxury!)
  10. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    Well, you'll have to check in Monday night and let us know how your weekend went! Sometimes those horoscope things on the radio are just poking fun at horoscopes and they say corny, stupid things.

    I love Garage Sales.
  11. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    So, how did the weekend go?
  12. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    First of all, what is a 'horro'scope? Does that mean you're supposed to be terrified to read it?:tongue:

    Secondly, Stang, dear...don't try to get IN a refrigerator. Kids die from that. Don't know if I''ve ever heard of an adult dying. Most people just take thing OUT of the fridge. (snicker, snicker) The visual of that is just too good. MOVE OVER MILK...I'M COMING IN! Doh! I hit my head on that frozen ham. Damn. Next thing you know you'll be locking yourself IN your garage and had the key in your pocket all the time. Doh!!

  13. ML

    ML Guest

    exactly Abbs!

    The weekend was a mixed bag. Sunday it might have paid to stay in bed but Saturday and Monday were good so all in all I don't think I'll make reading horror scopes a daily event lol.

    Thanks for asking Loth :) ML