Horserider - we are thinking of you and difficult child today! Circle of support!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Star*, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Star*

    Star* call 911

    JUST wanted to let you know you have more support and good thoughts going with you today than you know!

    Sending you all the strength I can muster across the miles for you to stand strong! (hands my very own rhino skin suit - it's been altered and thread bare, but it's a mighty suit), and we're with you in spirit - and that's a MIGHTY STRONG SPIRIT. Picture us all standing there behind you in your mind. YOU ARE NOT ALONE TODAY!

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    to NC...thinking of you
  3. compassion

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    to Fl. Thinking of you.
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    Grabbing on in Central CA, with hugs and strength, and on to...
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    How did it go? R.U.O.K.?
  6. horserider

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    Finally back. Had to purchase a new computer and then had trouble logging in.
    Thank you for the support circle. I have a lot of reading to do tonight to catch up.

    Well it has been almost a month and things are going pretty well. I see difficult child 3-4 times a week, he wants me to come home, but this works the best for me. Issues with my husband, I do not see myself moving back. difficult child has been doing well in school (failing one class), has a few supportive friends and is back in his horse therapy. He wants to go to the prom but I told him he has to be passing all his classes. His p.o. came to the house, will visit school and gave him paperwork to go in for a drug test. Drugs have never been and issue but I am glad they are keeping him "on his toes". If he gets through this school year without incidents he can get his liscense in June I told him, when he goes off probation. He wants to work this summer and go to football training - excellent goals!! He doesn't like my rhino skin and test me frequently (mostly for purchases he wants) but it has proven tougher then he realized. Yes I took him clothes shopping, haircut and OMG all the hair products - he uses more then I do : )
    He lost 30 pounds in the jjc playing bb and running everyday, so now he goes to weight training at school - cares about his body/appearance. He took his shirt off and flexed his muscles "look mom, I'm working on a six pack next". I told him he looks great but I could still kick his a... if needed. lol
    There has been no violence, throwing/destroying things which is a huge improvement. If he becomes disrepectful he practicres recovery and apologizes most of the time.

    Today during my visit he became disrespectful and swore at me, argued with my husband and went to bed. I left him a note to call me later and went home. NO DRAMA - is my new saying.

    You have all been in my thoughts. Thank you for all the caring support and wisdom this last year. I could not have done it without this group. Okay now on to catching up on the posts.....
    Take care
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    Still here for you, reaching out from N. WI